Thursday 31 October 2019

Post and Go Military Museums Poppy News; Mail Rail update.

My thanks to MC who drew my attention to an announcement on the IAR website.

Poppy Returns in Military Museums

The Poppy Stamp will appear in Military Museums for the month of November.
Kiosks: A002, A004, A006 and A007 will have the overprint ‘Lest we forget’ on both the Union Flag and Poppy Stamp from 1st November 2019.

The locations are:

A002 - Royal Navy Museum at Portsmouth 
A004 - Royal Navy Submarine Museum Gosport
A006 - Royal Navy Museum at HMS Trincomalee Hartlepool
A007 - Royal Navy Museum of Naval Firepower Portsmouth

I suppose there is no reason why the Poppy shouldn't be in use for the whole of November. There is no news of when Poppy stamps are being re-installed in Post Office branch SSKs.

The IAR wesbite mentions the second machine at the Postal Museum (located across the road at Mail Rail) but fails to mention that the machine is A005 (ex-Royal Marines Museum) which is still listed as being at the East Anglian Railway Museum.

I would think that location at this remote museum meant that it was very rarely used, except on the first day when a number of dealers were present.


  1. Used the machine (A005)today and no receipts being produced. Even worse over the road at the postal museum where A001 had run out of receipt paper and was unable to dispense stamps without it! Unfortunately no one was able to replace it as they haven't been trained! As I had a train to catch the New Exhibit overprint will have to wait for another day!

  2. Just when you thought that was that, 2 new underprints have been advertised today 31/10/2019

    Fleet Air ARM Museum - 'Concorde 50 years' and 'Concorde' Logo : From 6th November 2019 for 30 days

    Shakespeare Trust - 'Shakespeare 1564' on Flowers, and 'Shakespeare 1616' on Machins. From 4th November 2019 for 30 days