Monday 20 March 2017

Post and Go News - Machine A005 at East Anglian Railway Museum

Post and Go Machine A1005, lately of the Royal Marines Museum has been refurbished and from 20 March is installed at the East Anglian Railway Museum (formerly the Stour Valley Railway) at Chappel and Wakes Colne Station in Essex.  (Map)

The first live transaction from the machine (004) was at 10.53 am, just beating the 11 am target so Ellie from IAR is getting really good at this set-up process now!   To assist the staff at the many museums with these machines the latest software has a 'set-up' screen which shows them step-by-step what to do when they change a roll, or clear a jam.  Previously the instructions were paper-based - and easily mislaid.  (If the boxes on the top left (representing Reel A, receipts, Reel B) are not tapped to reduce the figures to zero, the machine will assume that fewer stamps can be printed on the stock than is actually the case.

The machine is located in the Museum shop, and both the machine and the cafe can be accessed without paying entry, but given that the cafe is run by the Museum, and dining is on one of their carriages it is worth paying the modest £6 (Conc £5.50) entrance fee if you have time to explore the site.

The machine is using MA13-coded Machin definitives and the digitally-printed Locomotive stamps:

The receipt erroneously reads 'East Anglia Railway Museum'

These have been added to our webshop today.

This Heritage Railway occupies quite a large site, and has an impressive collection of rolling stock, and unusually there is also access to the Repair Workshop.  Possibly uniquely among such attractions it also has a working railway line running through it, so it is actually possible to get there by rail from any part of the country!   It is just 8 minutes from Marks Tey, with connections to London on the Norwich line.  You can also travel on a further 15 minutes to the market town of Sudbury, just across the border in Suffolk.  The view from the footbridge (reconstructed ex Sudbury) shows the Abelio Greater Anglia train heading for Marks Tey, with EARM rolling stock including the cafe-diner on the left.

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  1. By Session 30 at 13.20 hrs, the Machins, being dispensed were Undated.


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