Tuesday, 1 October 2019

October 2019 slogan and other postmarks

This post will record Slogan Postmarks and other postmark news for October 2019.  It will be updated frequently so please look here when you get a new one: we may already have had a report, and that will save you scanning and emailing yours.

The first slogan for October is a carry over from September. The National Poetry Day slogan sent by JE.  From Manchester Mail Centre on 28/09/2019 this is believed to be running until 2 October so I'll repeat it in a new post for October.

National Poetry
Day 2019
3rd October
UPDATE 1 October
Thanks to RW for the other layout, from Gatwick Mail Centre on 27-09-2019

UPDATE 5 October
On the Gruffalo new issue thread some have bemoaned the fact that the (far more deserving) 50th Anniversary of Monty Python's Flying Circus has not been marked by stamps - well it has been marked by a postmark slogan.  Thanks to JE and MB for sending examples.  Here we have a poor example from the iLSM at Edinburgh Mail Centre and a much better example from the IMP at Preston (Lancashire and South Lakes) both dated 3 October 2019

50 Years of
Monty Python's
Flying Circus

Update 11 October:
We've seen examples of two new slogans, one on Stampboards and the other sent by RW.
The RIBA-Stirling Prize 2019 has been awarded to Goldsmith Street, Norwich. Awarded annually to 'the UK's best new building' this year it is for mass housing development for Norwich City Council. This one is from Medway Mail Centre probably on 8 October as it was on Stampboards on 9th, but I hope to have one from Norwich soon.
Goldsmith Street
Winner of the RIBA
Stirling Prize 2019

[Update]  And, as promised, one from Norwich Mail Centre dated 09-10-2019


It doesn't look as if Goldsmith Street will get much more than its five minutes of fame with the slogan, as RW has sent a scan of another one with Norwich connections, marking the 60th anniversary of the introduction of the Postcode.  This very clear example is from Croydon Mail Centre dated 10 October.
The Postcode
is 60!

Thanks to KC for supplying the Postcode slogan in the other layout, this time from South East Anglia Mail Centre, also on 10/10/2019.

Update 19 October: Yet another October slogan, this time for the renamed Booker Prize for fiction.  As some book critics have written, this year it is all about the judges' inability to stick to the rules, an inability which must have caught Royal Mail on the hop as they picked two joint winners, thus requiring Royal Mail to fit two names into their five-line slogan, as shown below. (And if mail centres could only maintain their equipment we might be able to read the slogans every time!)  Thanks to IB for this example from Greenford/Windsor Mail centre 16/10/2019.

Margaret Atwood &
Bernardine Evaristo
Winners of the 2019
Booker Prize

Operational Slogan - Meter date correction.
Once upon a time it wasn't necessary to show where a 'date correction' for meter mail was applied, although they usually did if it was a Universal machine-applied mark.

Now when meters don't indicate the place of posting, neither do the corrections!

The attached was on a letter posted near Shrewsbury, so this might have been applied at Chester, or maybe at Shrewsbury depending on where the meter pouch was opened.


If you have any new slogans or any other interesting new postmarks, please send them by email for recording here.


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