Saturday 26 October 2019

November 26th - "Project Apollo"

A number of readers have written to tell me about the notices they have received about the forthcoming 'secret' stamp issue of 26th? November.  (Originally we were told 24th, but that is a Sunday so...)

As far as I know the code name is not indicative of the subject matter of this issue - whether they did this intentionally or by accident I don't know.

This notice has appeared in the next Postmark Bulletin.  So don't worry about getting first day covers produced, when nobody has announced what the subject matter or special handstamps are.  Just get them done before Christmas as the deadline is 31 December.

This is the first indication of the embargo date.  I can't work up a lot of enthusiasm but will provide all the information that is permitted as soon as I can.

UPDATE 11 November.
We have been advised by RM Stamps & Collectables and by the RM Media department that the publicity for this issue will NOT now take place tomorrow (12th) and we will be unable to provide any details.

No new date has been provided but the issue date remains the same at 26th.