Wednesday 23 October 2019

2019 Machin definitives for sale

At the end of last year we said that we would not be supplying Machin definitives after the end of 2018, other than late M18L arrivals.  In other words, we would not be supplying M19L stamps.

During the year we have acquired some stamps for my own collection and a few friends, and we have some remaining.  These are now available in our webshop, listed in the Security Machins 2019 category.

The stamps are the

- 1p - 20p, £1, £1.55, £2, £3, and £5,
- 100g Special Delivery, 2nd, 1st, 2nd Large and 1st Large counter sheets;

- 2nd & 1st class from booklets of 12; 1st class from booklets of 6 (and complete booklets in the Booklet category);
- 2nd class from business sheets.

For most stocks are very low.


  1. A bit off subject but for information I just received my order advice note for the November issue :- Apollo consisting of stamp set, mini sheet, retail booklet, & a PSB cost £33.50 just before Christmas & just after the Christmas issue it is a bit much!

    1. This issue also includes a Generic Smilers Sheet ( What format will that be PVA or Self Adhesive.


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