Wednesday 30 October 2019

Phosphor variations on Walsall's 2019 definitive printings.

Last summer a chance examination started the process of revealing the multiple variants in Walsall's printing of Machin definitives - dull and bright blue phosphor, yellow phosphor, fluorescent iridescent inks, and even a fluorescent colour ink.  These were summarised on a separate page.

Although not supplying the M19L reprints of these stamps, I have had the opportunity to examine 2019's printings.  For some values there have been three, others two, and in some cases as yet only one - including the 5p which only had one printing in 2018.

Once again these findings are based on the use of the Uvitec Micro short-wave lamp.  Other SW lamps may produce different reactions, and the light must be shone directly at the stamp: the yellow does not show if the stamps are behind some transparent (Hagner-like) strips.  My thanks to BE for access to his collection.  Click on any image to see enlargements.

Just how different some of these are is debateable, there is certainly not the variation that thesr was in 2018.  Whether these should be considered worthwhile is a matter for individual collectors: some of them are very distinct.

Valued stamps

1p - dull and bright

10p - both printings appear the same

20p - both printings appear the same

£1.00 - dull and bright

£1.35 - dull - very bright - bright

£1.55 - dull and bright

£1.60 - bright bluish and bright yellowish

£2.30 - dull, and the latter two are apparently equally bright

£3.60 - bright bluish and bright yellowish


2nd class - blue and bright yellow

1st class - dull, and bright bluish and bright yellowish?

2nd class Large - dull, and bright blue and bright yellow

1st class Large - dull and bright

To be updated if new printings appear.

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