Sunday 20 October 2019

And another new Machin definitive - not entirely unexpected!

Barely a week after I suggested that the latest version of our Checklist might be the last for this year, a reprint of the 1st class Signed For stamp - heralded but not printed in 2018 - has appeared.

This new printing on 17/09/2019 was by ISP Walsall, of course, so in due course it will be automatically distributed by Royal Mail Tallents House as a non-visible change for those who have these on standing order.  I am waiting for an answer from Tallents House as to just when that will be: I very much doubt that it will be on 24 October with the High Values.

This stamp will be listed in our Checklist as 2991.9.

On the subject of premium-service stamps, I have added a table showing their selling prices/worth to this NVI post.

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  1. So year code 2019 not 2018 I wonder if the 2018 versions will turn up next year(2020) or did they change there minds and were not printed in 2018?


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