Thursday, 21 June 2018

Web-shop notice for customers

Thank you for all the recent orders.  Most orders to 4328 have now been despatched.

We are waiting for more supplies of many of the recent books which we will offer as whole books and as singles.  With this, and our visit to Philanglia (St Ives, Cambridgeshire) at the weekend, there will be a delay in processing most new orders until next week.

Apologies for the delay.  We hope all 2018 codes issued will be back in stock, at least temporarily.  As far as we know there will be no more new stamps, except perhaps the 2nd Large business sheet, and premium rate stamps, until mid-September.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Two more new stamps added to the shop - but with a twist

I am pleased to say that the 2p counter sheet and 1st Large business sheet 2018 printings have now been added to our shop - see 'recent additions'.

The twist is that the 2p is a 'non-visible change (NVC)' stamp printed by Walsall on 09/02/18, the same date as the 10p, 20p and £1 stamps - which were distributed by Royal Mail Tallents House to customers with NVCs as standing orders.

Obviously having discovered it after the previous distribution, they cannot economically distribute the 2p alone, so they have indicated that it will be delayed until September when the 1p, 5p and 2nd class Large counter sheet stamps will also be available.

Meanwhile the 2p can be found in Post Office branches across the country - and can be bought from Royal Mail's business website!  But dealers cannot buy from Royal Mail through normal trade channels.  What a farce.

SO.... if you regularly get NVCs from Royal Mail you don't need to buy this stamp from us - nor to pay 99p on eBay!   On the other hand if you want (and don't get) positional blocks then we have them.

An updated version of our Checklist will be available shortly.  Thank you to those people who have read it so thoroughly as to find the errors: doubtless some still exist, for which we apologise.  Please let us know if you find any.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

New stamps added to our shop

I am pleased to say that we now have stocks of several of the new stamps and booklets, which can be found on our webshop as 'Recent Additions' and in the 2018 Definitives and Booklets categories.

The additions are:

2931.8   2nd class from retail booklet of 12
2933.8   2nd Large from retail booklet of 4

2914aB.8  1st class from business sheet
2936a.8  1st class from retail booklet of 12

ME 7a.8  12 x 2nd booklet
MF 9a.8  12 x 1st booklet
RA4.8      4 x 2nd Large booklet

Latest news on the Walsall printing of counter sheets - and this is by no means final news - is that Royal Mail intend, as they did on 23 May, to distribute all the new printings to standing order customers for non-visible changes in September.  Rather than issue single stamps as they become available, which is uneconomic for them even if they charge 45p to send customers a 2p stamp, the 1p, 2p, 5p and 2nd class Large counter sheets will be distributed coinciding with the Autumn Stampex issues (World War I and Post and Go).

As readers have reported the 2p is widely available in Post Office branches up and down the country, and may have been available briefly from Tallents House in error.  We will list the 2p as soon as we can find a local post office that has stock, and the other values as they become available. Indications are that current Post Office and Royal Mail stocks of some values are sufficient for a reprint to be delayed until at least August.  Time will tell.

Because of attendance at Stafford Stamp Fair and Philanglia there will be some delay in despatching orders of these new stamps.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

June Slogan Postmarks

June's slogans has got off to a flying start with a new one in use on the first day!

Coronation 65th Anniversary
Thanks to MB & RW for the two different versions of this slogan both used on 1 June 2018.  One from Mount Pleasant and the other from North West Midlands.  I wonder what they used at Tyneside?
Commemorating the
65th anniversary of the
Queen's Coronation
2 June 2018

Chippendale 300
Thanks to MB for sending the second slogan for June.  This appears to be a one-day campaign on 2nd June and we only have one version so far from Edinburgh.
Update: Thanks too for an example of the other format from Gatwick on 4 June, so apparently running in parallel with the Scott one below.

300 years
A celebration of Britain's
greatest furniture maker 


Scott 150
Thanks also to JG for the third slogan, in use apparently on 4th June, period unknown. Again the only example so far is from Peterborough Mail Centre.  (See also Chippendale above, used on 4th June.)

150 years since the birth
of polar explorer
Captain Robert Falcon Scott
6 June 2018

Update: Thanks to GF we now have the alternative which is a 6-line format, from Belfast's Northern Ireland Mail Centre used on 7 June.

Update 11 June.  Thanks to BM we can now show the fourth new slogan in June, this one marking the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy, used at Peterborough on 8 June.  Would have been useful on 5 June for first day covers of the related stamps, but not used in time.  Another sales opportunity lost by Royal Mail.

12 June: Thanks to MB we can now show the alternate layout from North West Midlands Mail Centre, dated 11 June, so clearly this slogan is running for a few days.  Unfortunate that Chippendale and Scott were celebrated on their birth anniversaries which coincided with the issue of the Royal Academy stamps.  The Royal Academy was founded on 10 December 1768, but as this is the 250th anniversary year most of their celebrations are taking place in the summer.

18 June:  Thanks to MB and RW for the two different examples of the Father's Day slogan from North West Midlands and a poor example from Norwich both dated 15 June.

After that one-day slogan the default seems to be back to 'youth mental health Action For Children'.  This has been seen on 2nd class from SE Anglia on 15th and Manchester on 16th.

19 June:   Thanks again to MB and to CH for the two versions of the latest slogan which makrs the award of the Walter Scott Prize to Benjamin Myers, one from Exeter and the other from North West Midlands both on 18.06.18

Benjamin Myers
Winner of the 2018
Walter Scott Prize
for historical fiction

As usual, we will be pleased to show more new ones that you find and will add them here as soon as possible, although we will be away for Philanglia (23 June at St Ives.).  I won't have a stand but if you want to meet, ask Tony at Arun Stamps.