Friday 10 August 2012

Two perforation variations on Gold Medal stamp sheet

My thanks to Andy D. who has taken the trouble to write to me (not being a whiz at computers) alerting me to two different rouletting patterns on the gold medal stamp base sheets.

The bases sheets are printed, die-cut and rouletted by Walsall Security Printers so this is down to them.  On the sheets that I've examined I've only found this on the side rouletting adjacent to the fourth miniature sheet, which is good news for people who have only bought that MS:

As you shown in the image, there are 4 extra long roulettes (or uninterrupted) on the left-hand sheet.  This is not restricted to GMW07 or to one printer location, and could be found on any sheet.  As the sheets are printed two-up on the web, this difference probably occurs on one side only.

I've not had a chance to examine the horizontal rouletting between the MSs and will be pleased to pass on any information that you have, preferably with images.  (And see the comments below for other people's findings.)


  1. I have checked all 22 of my PRESTON printings and the following 4th (Bottom) mini-sheets have the 4 EXTRA LONG ROULETTS viz:

    01, 04, 07, 08, 10, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22

    With so many, I have not included images but I am confident of my inspection both by normal vision and when a magnifying glass.

  2. Just collected 3 more GMWs. Add GMW 23 Equestrian Dressage to the above list.

    1. Sunday 10:00hrs - Collected 3 more PRESTON printed GMW Mini-Sheets from Urmston PO. Add 26 and 27 to the long roulettes list.


      No 27 was printed in SOLIHULL not PRESTON. Failed to notice since all my previous purchases from the URMSTON, Manchester PO, were from the Preston printers. Also 28 and today's 29 were also printed in SOLIHULL. (See blog of 13th August)

    3. Royal Mail confirm that GMW26 was the final one printed at Preston due to production difficulties.

      See announcement on 14 August blog entry:

  3. I have the first 18 MSs, all bottom sheets printed in London. The following have the long roulettes: 5, 8, 10,12,13,16,18.

  4. I have checked the sheets I have and have found the 4 extra long roulettes on the following numbered sheets:
    1) GMW 02 - 2) GMW 04 -3) GMW 10 - 4) GMW 11 - 5) GMW 12
    6) GMW 14 - 7) GMW 16 -8) GMW 18 - 9) GMW 20 -10) GMW 22

    All these are from the Swindon Printers

    I have just checked todays three sheets and see the extra roulette is only on the GMW28!!


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