Thursday 30 August 2012

The first Paralympic Gold Medal Winners Stamps

The first Paralympic Gold Medal Winners stamp has been issued 31st Aug 2012.

Track cyclist Sarah Storey cruised to victory in the women's C5 individual pursuit, after breaking her own world record in the heats.

Single stamp
Miniature Sheet
First Day Cover
The Sarah Storey stamps will be issued in a single A4 sheet:

In swimming, Jonathan Fox took gold in the men's S7 100m backstroke.

This stamp will be issued on 1 September, possibly in an A4 sheet with other medal stamps Update: we now know that Jon's stamp will be issued on its own, with the programme continuing on Monday 3rd September.


  1. I wish the Royal Mail could just do the same as the olympic version. It's so confusing trying to work out when's something coming out and how many stamps where!

  2. Adding more confusion to the picture is a "newsletter" to post offices seen on Wednesday suggesting that POs in addition to the "500" may also receive sheets at the same time as the "500". Seems that lightning is striking once more as to what is happening over stamp release, who is getting what and when.

  3. First Paralympic A4 Sheet of 8 x 2 miniature-sheets is referenced PGMWA as opposed to 01. It will be interesting to see what happens after Z if there are more than 26 gold medals. However if more than 1 medal winning stamp is featured per A4 sheet then refs A to Z may suffice!.

    As with the Olympic Games, my sheet purchased at Urmston, Manchester PO, was printed in PRESTON

    1. The coding refers to the A4 sheet. This the second one, which contained 8 miniature sheets of Jon Fox, is PGWMB, but the third sheet contains miniature sheets for 4 different medallists, coded PGWM-C1 to PGWM-C4, etc. See Saturday 1 September blog entry.


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