Thursday 2 August 2012

Olympic Gold Medal stamps - full A4 sheet.

We're now able to show the full A4 sheet, consisting of 4 miniature sheets each consisting of 6 x 1st class stamps (scanned in two parts):


From the Shropshire Star:
There were queues out of the door ahead of the stamps going on sale at 11am, with 100 of the shop’s 120 sets sold in the first hour of them going on sale.


  1. Purchased full sheets of first 2 golds from Urmston Manchester M41 Post Office. PRINTER LOCATION is PRESTON
    Additional purchases made:

    Less than 6 stamp purchase refused. Staff advised minimum sale is 1 Mini Sheet. However I was allowed to choose which of the 4 mini-sheets so I opted for the Printer Location mini-sheet.

    1. So we have

      Attleborough and two other locations, one in the west of England and one in Scotland.

      Expect singles to be available when more supplies are received in the POs

    2. Swindon identified as the West of England/South Wales printer and distributor.

    3. I'm a little confused about this as as far as I'm aware, the information printed in the left hand margin of the A4 sheets looks like it is cropped before being offered for sale on the miniature sheets or First Day Covers.
      If this is true, how is it possible you were offered a choice of four different Mini-Sheets?

    4. No, the A4 sheets are delivered to POs complete. In fact, according to a post on the Stamp Magazine forum:
      "then I had to specify which set I wanted-I was not particularly fussed, but I had to choose a set and sign to say this was the set I had chosen.... and it had to be in the envelope and sealed as they were 'not valid for postage until after the end of the Games'."

      This, incidentally, is totally incorrect procedure, and a totally incorrect statement about validity, else why would there be first day postmarks for every day? To spare their blushes when they are hauled over the coals I will not mention which PO that was!

    5. As well as buying the first 2 complete sheets 24 stamps (01 and 02) I have now bought all 5 of the BOTTOM 6-stamp mini sheets showing the Issue Date and Printer Location PRESTON in the left-hand margin. Because my Post Office allow me to specify which mini-sheet I want, I will end up with 1 of each of all issues...hopefully not more than 20ish ha ha. ..could be very costly otherwise!


      Final mini-sheet GMW29 purchased Urmston, Manchester, printed in SOLIHULL as was NOs 27 & 28 apposed to being printed in PRESTON. I had not noticed the change of printer as No 26 was printed in Preston but was delivered along with 27 & 28 from Solihull. Does this mean that PRESTON finished printing at No 26 or has anyone got PRESTON 27, 28, and 29 ?????

  2. Demand at my URMSTON, Manchester PO is high. They are saying that some of the smaller POs expecting stocks at some later dates, may not now get them. I also telephoned Royal Mail and they confirmed demand is high with over 4000 people subscribing to obtain the complete set.

    1. I'm hoping for accurate official response tomorrow. Last week I was told that the first 500 wouldn't get any more. Today I was told that further supplies would be expected. When I relayed the earlier reply to the respondent they said they would check and get back to me.


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