Friday 3 August 2012

News from Olympex London

From the Society of Olympic Collectors:

The Collectors’ Cabin at Olympex 2012 – - is doing a roaring business allowing Olympic visitors & collectors from UK & around the world to send cards & covers with either 12203 – Olympic Stadium - or 12640 – Olympex 2012 – cancelled for the date of their visit. 

We welcome all your readers to Olympex at the British Library – there’s a superb free catalogue, it’s a stamp exhibition like you’ve never seen before – just click on the link above – and we’ve the Collectors’ Cabin open every day with exclusive philatelic souvenirs – including the Olympex 2012 SmartStamp attached.  It’s right next to St Pancras Station & the Javelin to the Olympic Park – and visitors can have their photo taken holding a genuine London 2012 Olympic Torch - free.  There’s no excuse not to visit!

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