Thursday 2 August 2012

Super Thursday: at least 3 gold medal stamps tomorrow!

Great Britain have taken gold and silver in the canoe slalom C2 event. Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott claimed Britain's first ever gold in the event, with David Florence and Richard Hounslow taking silver. 


Shooter Peter Wilson won Britain's fourth gold medal of the London Olympics with victory in the double trap competition

Britain's men's cycling team sprint trio smashed their own world record to beat France to gold on an incredible evening at the London Velodrome.  Philip Hindes, Jason Kenny and Sir Chris Hoy clocked 42.600 seconds, beating the mark they set in the previous round. 

A cracking action picture!


  1. With the possibility of 15 to 25 GOLD MEDALS, what is the best 'collectables' option regarding the MINITURE-Sheet variations to concentrate on as it could become very costly investment?.

  2. We don't give investment advice, so collect what you can afford. Unless you are only collecting single stamps the best option is one miniature sheet for each medal, and maybe one A4 sheet to show the actual format.

    Only if you want to spend serious money would you want a MS from each printer, or an A4 sheet for each medal.

  3. i am looking at buying covers of these olympic stamps and have seen that some offer a cover with the 1 stamp and a different photo relevant to the medal winner or a minisheet on a cover with the same envelope design for each winner. on a budget which would be the best format to buy?

  4. With regard to the overall cost of these Gold Medal stamps, I've made a calculation based on obtaining a full A4 sheet (four miniature sheets), five more miniature sheets (one for each of the other printers), the miniature sheet on a First Day Cover and a single stamp for each of the Team GB Gold Medal Winners.
    Assuming there will be 19 winners (the total Team GB amassed in Beijing 2008), this works-out at a jaw-dropping £718.20.
    For every Gold Medal won above this total, you can add an extra £37.80.

  5. Just two of each miniature sheet is expensive. Current total of 28 medals = £100.80.
    Jason Kenny got a bum deal, 2 gold medal stamps and you can't see his face in either.

    1. Not sure how you can get an action shot showing the face of a rider all kitted up with helmet on???

      The alternative is podium or flag-draped.

  6. Some one sent me all miniature first day covers out of the blue.

    Total value 139.20 UKP apparently, but I don't collect stamps.

    Was there some sort of prize draw to get these stamps?

    Had they not been first day covers I could have sent them to a British post office and been reimbursed for the stamp price!

    I am also scared that someone has hacked one of my online shopping accounts and accidentally sent something to me.

    If that happens to anyone else - unexpected arrival of first day covers - please can they let me know.

  7. I see that someone is selling the first day covers for nearly 500 UKP on! All those that purchased first day covers made a good investment decision it would seem.

    1. I've left a note on your Flickr stream so that you can contact Royal Mail.

      As for UKP500 on Amazon. I wonder if that is only an offer or if they actually sold at that price? I think 200 is nearer the price as there are plenty enough for collectors.

      A nice gift!


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