Thursday 30 August 2012

Paralympic Gold Medal Winners stamps - very fluid situation

We've previously reported Royal Mail's announcement that the Paralympic Gold Medal Winners stamps would be issued at 500+ Post Office branches on 1st, 4th, 7th and; 11th September, with supplies reaching another 4500 (approx) branches on 6th and 13th September, along with the FDCs.

We're now hearing rumours that the Paralympic gold medal winners stamps are to be issued on the day after the win, at the same 500+ post office which had next-day facilities for the Olympics.

We have also reported that the Gold Medal miniature sheets (containing 2 stamps) would be printed '4 medals to a sheet', which was interpreted as being 4 to the A4 Post Office sheet.  However, it has been pointed out that the printers' (B2) sheets comprise 4 x A4 sheets and it may be that it is the B2 sheets which will have 4 different stamps on, rather than the A4.

As I am composing this, Post Office Ltd have now confirmed that the stamps WILL be available at approximately 500 branches on the day after medals are won.

We understand that this may not apply to medals won after 9.30 pm.

Further update - Royal Mail advise:

"the plan is to feature feature medal winners per A4 sheet, but could be subject to change, dependent on timing of medal wins"

I suppose making decisions on the fly is as good a way as any.  Want to know how many FDCs you need?  Wait until you find out how many stamps have been issued!

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