Wednesday 1 August 2012

New dates for Machin definitive stamps

We have some new date blocks for Machin definitives.  Just a few, and no time to put them online in our shop.   

If you are interested, please, get in touch by email (

2p          - 10/04/12
5p          - 10/04/12
76p        - 30/03/12
87p        - 10/05/12
2nd        - 22/03/12  (M12L code of course)
2nd Lge - 20/04/12 (MA12 code)

Other recent dates which can be obtained:

87p    - 30/03/12
£1      - 15/03/12
£1.90 - 09/02/12 and 04/04/12
Olympic 1st - 05/04/12 and 14/05/12

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