Monday 27 August 2012

New Union Flag Diamond Jubilee Faststamps at Stampex.

Royal Mail have announced the programme for Faststamps at Autumn Stampex from 26-29 September.  For the first time there will be no Machin Faststamps available.
NB Availability - See note at end of post.

The following items will be sold by Royal Mail:-

1. ‘Union Flag’ Stamps with ‘Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012’ overprint.

2. Unoverprinted ‘Union Flag’ Stamps.

3. British Farm Animals 2 - ‘Pigs’ Stamps.

4. British Farm Animal 3 - ’Cattle’ Stamps. (Available from 28th September)

All these will be available from self-service machines in singles and strips of up to 6, and they will also be available over the counter in strips of 6 (single values or collectors strips).

The usual values will be available (face values in brackets)
1st (60p)
1st Large (90p)
Europe 20g and Worldwide 10g (both 87p)
Worldwide 20g (£1.28)
Worldwide 40g (£1.90)
Collectors strips will be sold for £6.42, sets of 36 different animal stamps will be sold for £38.52.

As you can see the coding at the foot of the stamps is quite different.  We understand that these are new Hytech machines and the meaning of the letters and numbers at the foot is new.  More details later.

We will be writing to existing customers about their requirements for these.

We will not be attending Stampex. We have ordered stocks sufficient for declared customer requirements and do not expect to have any spare.  If you have not already asked - before 8 September - then may not be able to supply you. 


  1. Ra string data string at the bottom of the Hytec examples illustrated.
    A9NL12 C2-051840-06
    Breakdown is as before - office id, kiosk code, session and item within session. Office id may actually give location of printing - A=?, 9 = September, NL is the code used for vehicles from Holland, 12 = 2012. The session number is given as 051840 as this represents May 1840 (Penny Black). This suggests that the item may be from a presentation pack.
    Flag issue:
    A9GB12 A1-000001-06
    A9GB12 - mainly as above but with GB signifying UK printing of string. Rest of string compares with what has happened previously with both Hytech and Wincors with the session number changing each time the a new transaction occurs.
    Of course these are my guesses based on previous experience.

  2. PS note there seems to be a difference in the font style. Clearest on "up to 100g" examples.

  3. Cattle image has office id A9NL12. The A9 might be a model number for the kiosk??? NL = Netherlands (cf cars) and 12 = 2012. Hytec kiosks use a 2 digit kiosk id. 051840 refers to May 1840 (Penny Black). This suggests that these are from the presentation pack stock.
    Flag issue image has A9GB12 suggesting that the machine is in the UK. Similar comments fro the rest of the office id block. Rest of the data string suggests that it is a kiosk to be used by the public.
    These are just my guesses and await confirmation.


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