Monday 13 August 2012

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We've had a lot of new readers during the Olympic Games, and I suspect some are people who don't normally collect stamps.  Welcome to you all - and I hope you this has (re-)awakened your interest in the hobby *.

Some people seem to be unsure about the workings of a blog.  This is how it works.

- We write the words and add the pictures and tags

- You may comment. You can use 'Anonymous', your own name, or a pseudonym.

- All comments are moderated; that is, we reserve the right not to publish.  Nearly everything is published - and we are grateful for all the extra information you put in the comments for the benefit of all our readers.  Some comments left are spam, or unintelligible, and these are deleted.

- We reply to comments where it is important to do so, but we cannot reply direct to the writer unless your email address is in your profile.

So if you have asked a question, we have probably answered it where you first asked.  Asking it again somewhere else, in a relevant (and therefore published)comment on another post won't always get a repeat of the same answer.  If you are waiting for an answer, please look at other comments you have made and see the answers there.

* If it has, take a look at our website, or better still, at our shop to see what else has been issued.


  1. Regarding Christmas.......Is there any hint as to what we can expect to grace our festive envelopes this year? Thanks.

    1. I haven't had time to add the rest of the year to the blog, but you'll find a familiar style on this year's Christmas stamps - if you have children.

    2. Hi. Went to the link you provided but there was no indication as to what they are. Sorry.

    3. I tired two different browsers and had no trouble. Try refreshing the page, if you've looked recently before: all you saw is what was in your browser's cache.


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