Tuesday 7 August 2012

Variations on Gold Medal Stamps.

Stuart from South Wales sends this picture of two sheets of GMW01 obtained from Royal Mail Edinburgh.   These are from the Edinburgh and London sheets - I believe the Edinburgh is on the left.

As can be seen there is much more yellow in the left-hand sheet, these scanned side-by-side.

I don't have the London sheet yet, but the other 5 are quite close.  Solihull is greenest, Attleborough has the palest (grey) background, Edinburgh has the darkest background. There are also slight variations in registration, with the right-hand point of the picture not always touching the gold lines at the right. There is also a slight variation in the vertical positioning of the image, sometimes extending beyond the perforations.

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  1. Colour Variation - Peter Wilson, 2 Aug 2012. The bottom half of his shirt is ROYAL BLUE on my Preston printing. I have just received my stamps from RM and the colour is PURPLE. ( Printer location not known ).


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