Friday 1 November 2019

November Slogan Postmarks.

October was quite a full month, and November has got off to a flying start with the first slogan actually used on 31 October, so I'll put it there as well to close of the month.

Remember this is the only place that November postmarks will appear, so please check back here before taking the time to scan scan and post new finds.

Thanks to BM we can kick off November with the annual campaign in aid of men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer and mental health - MOVEMBER!  I think the campaign has a new slogan this year, as it is on their website and is replicated in the slogan.  Our first example is from North & West Yorkshire on 31/10/2019.  Another example, from Greenford/Windsor on 4 November is over a pre-printed (PPI) Machin. (Thanks to IB for this one.)


Update 6 November.  
Today (the other IB) supplied this fabulous collectable which was almost certainly unintentional.  Under the Croydon Mail Centre's postmark in the other format is the bushy visage of Charles Darwin - more than a tache, of course, but still a great match for a thematic collection or display.  Dated 5-11-2019.

Update 14 November:
The National Health Service campaign 'Stay Well This Winter' has kicked off again, as in the last few years.  Thanks to BM for one format from Peterborough Mail Centre apparently 13-11-2019, and to GE who sent us his cheque and got the Sheffield Mail Centre 13/11/2019 in the other format.


Update 9 November.
I showed one of these default slogans in the October list, and here is the one in the other format from MD.  I'm surprised that it pushed Movember out of the frame, but maybe it's an error at Edinburgh Mail Centre on 8-11-2019 showing Action for Children.

I also have one of these from Cornwall MC on 11/11/2019.  Don't often see anything from Cornwall.

Update 14 November:
It's actually ahead of the Christmas campaign, but we have the first Universal machine usage reported by RS.  This is from the Jubilee Mail Centre (with inverted place die) towards the end of October.  [Unfortunately the addressee was away from home when it was delivered so can't be precise about the date.]

Update 24 November:
We're coming to the end of November, and IB has reported a Movember update at the end of the campaign.  This is a poor impression from Home Counties North MC, date probably 21/22 November.

'Your Dough will save a Bro' Home Counties North, date unclear

UPDATE 13 May 2024: A clearer example has surfaced, albeit on a pink envelope which required some digital manipulation.  This is from Norwich Mail Centre 23-11-2019
'Your Dough will save a Bro' Norwich Mail Centre 23-11-2019

Update 29 November.
Just creeping into the month is this latest slogan from BM.  It's not very clear and if, as BM says, his correspondent had travelled a little further west he would have had a more appropriate Plymouth postmark!   This is from Exeter Mail Centre 28-11-2019.  

Nancy Astor was the first female MP to take her seat in the House of Commons, 100 years ago. You can read more about her - including her inspiring work to help the poor and controversial anti-Catholic and anti-Semitic views, here.
[No political comments on this please.]

Lady Nancy Astor
First female MP to take
seat in House of Commons
1st December 1919

Update 2 December
Thanks to JG,MC,JE & PC who all sent examples of the Lady Astor postmark from different mail centres.  Some were very poor - but then the Olympcis2012 stamps never did take a slogan well being digitally printed - and some are very good.  We now know that the slogan was used on at least 28th and 29th November.

Manchester MC 28/11/2019, South East Anglia MC 29/11/2019 and an unusually poor one from Preston (Lancs & S Lakes) 28/11/2019 which shouldn't be on this anyway as it is a PPI!

Update 5 December:
A customer has sent another PPI example, from Cornwall MC.  I wonder if this and the Preston one were mis-sorts?  They weren't redirections, and the postmark was clearly applied in unusual circumstances in two different places.  I don't think Barclaycard are sending out from Cornwall, so that is not the place of origin.

And what should be the last entry for December, barring Lady Astor continuing into December, is a Universal from Preston MC, using the LANCASHIRE SOUTH 6 LAKES die on 27 NOV 2019. This was on a normal c6 envelope which could have been processed by the IMP - maybe they just used a batch of mail to test that the Universal was ready for the Christmas rush?

All other November slogans, examples of Universal machine use, and anything else odd in postmarks will appear here.  December slogans will appear in a new post next month.


  1. The men’s health slogan is obscure in the extreme and incomprehensible to me I’m afraid. I expect someone was paid a lot of money for dreaming it up.

  2. U need to get down wit da kidz cuz.

    On a more serious note, whilst not forgetting the real message of the slogan, its also reflecting the current language of a smartphone generation that don't necessarily use 'real' mail. If that prompts them to use it in the future then that can only be a good thing?

  3. Action for Children in use at Exeter on 8 & 11 Nov as well


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