Friday 6 September 2019

New High Value Machins will be available from Royal Mail

A number of people have written to say that they have heard that the £2, £3 and £5 M19L stamps will be available at Stampex.

Royal Mail have confirmed that these are non-visible changes being the first printed by Walsall, and so will be on automatic distribution for those people who have such stamps on their Royal Mail standing orders.

Update 24 September:
From JG: This morning I received my Order Advice Note for the High Value Definitive issue on 24 October for a set of single stamps, although my standing order for definitives is a set of singles and a set of 2x3 cylinder blocks. So I phoned Tallents House to ask for the cylinder blocks to be included, but was told they would not be available! Apparently only single stamps will be supplied.
This seems extremely odd if the account holder has a standing order for cylinder blocks - almost breach of contract!

Apparently stock of the high values are low, and if the same applies to Post Office Supplies Department - despite so few POs selling them - then we can expect to see the new stamps in those branches that sell them in the near future.  Update: DL sent the second picture below, showing the pair of stamps with the printing date, which were obtained from his local Royal Mail sorting office (so still not at a PO branch).

Meanwhile, here's a picture of the £2, courtesy of PW.



Update 16 September:
Thank you to several people who reported that they found these at Stampex and to others who stated that they would be distributed by Royal Mail Tallents House to standing order customers on 24 October.

I've also had a report from another regular here and at Stampex:
I was glad that I was there queuing early outside. I only had to wait about 15 minutes to be served but by the time I left I would estimate for those waiting it would be well over an hour at the Royal Mail Exhibition stand.   They appeared to have a few more ‘experienced’ staff who knew what they were looking for.
Things they didn’t have were (2019 issue):
2nd Large Counter sheet.
2nd book of 12
2nd Large book of 4
1st Large book of 4
Special delivery 100g
Birds of Prey Commemorative (6 x 1st book)Any business sheets for any date.
Thanks for this report! 

Update - a further report:
  • I asked for the reprinted Welsh 1st class stamp and was told they hadn’t been supplied with any country definitives! 
    It is as though Royal Mail really doesn’t want to sell stamps!


  1. If RM are reprinting the £3 & £5 stamps with date codes, these will be new stamps as the previous £3 U2915 & £5 U2916 were printed without date codes.

    1. Well spotted Peter. I’d overlooked that.

      New version of the checklist before the end of the month

  2. Info from RM stand at Stampex. These stamps will be sent to customers who have standing orders, in October 2019. No confirmed date.

  3. All available, printing date was 22/07/19 for the £2 and £3 and 23/07/19 for the £5

  4. The Birds of Prey booklet is missing from the Autumn 2019 Stocklist, so perhaps it has sold out? Although that stocklist does give the date of issue for the D-Day booklet as 6/6/20 and the Royal Navy Ships booklet as 19/9/20, so perhaps it should be taken with a pinch of salt!

  5. The 2nd class large counter sheets with 2019 dates were at Stampex when I was there at about 11.30am on the first day. The 12x1st booklets were also M19L date but all the other definitive booklets had M18L dates.

  6. Work commitments meant I could not make Stampex until Saturday. When I arrived at the Royal Mail stand I was shocked to find their stocks very depleted. Sadly they do not seem to account for those of us still working and hold a quantity back for the Saturday visitor. Furthermore and of great concern to me was the statement that they had "no 6 x 1st Bird of Pray booklets as these are sold out and we are not printing anymore" and worse still, they "have no Queen Victoria Bicentenary booklets as these are sold out and we will not be printing any more".

    Given each of these booklets has a first day of issue within the last 6 months what message does this send to collectors. I cancelled my regular order with Tallents House as I was uncomfortable with RM taking unspecified amounts from my account.

    As these booklets are no longer available from any post office I can find near me (Chichester, Havant, Cosham...) I will now have to purchase them at a premium from dealers or via ebay.

    1. The QV PSB is on sale on the Post Office webshop at
      They don't have the Birds of Prey retail booklet.

    2. Ian, thank you for the heads up on the Post Office website, I have been able to purchase 2 off QV Bicentenary booklets from there at face value.
      As you suggest they do not have the Birds of Prey booklets, I suspect I will use eBay for those.

    3. In response to JG comment : I received my Advice Note and it clearly states on mine, that I will be supplied with 2x4 Cylinder blocks. Lets hope RM do just that.

  7. My standing order for the high value stamps is for a cylinder single, a cylinder pair, a cylinder block of 2X4 and a date block of 2X4 my advice note will forward all these but NOT the date blocks. On contacting Sunderland
    I was told date blocks were not available as there was no format for ordering these in spite of the fact that I have been getting these for many years.
    Peter Taylor


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