Wednesday 28 March 2012

Post Office Ltd instruct withdrawal of all Large Letter Jubilee stamps on the day after 'issue'

Further to our encouraging message on Monday regarding the release of the Large Letter Diamond Jubilee Machin Definitive Stamps we understand that Post Office branches were instructed today to remove from sale all Large Letter Diamond Jubilee stamps!

However given that many branches have no 1st gold Large Letter stamps - and I'm told that some at least had a similar message last week(!) - it seems unlikely that they will comply as to do so would mean that they were unable to sell those stamps to customers.  If stocks of the gold stamps are available at the stores in Swindon, it shows an alarming ineptitude in stock control.

Despite the clear authorisation by Post Office Ltd two days ago, Royal Mail are suggesting that the current sales are unauthorised.   If this is the degree of co-operation when both are part of one business, what level of co-operation will there be when Royal Mail is privatised?

PS: At the time of writing, Royal Mail say that the 1st class Large Jubilee stamps will be on the same first day cover as the new airmail tariff stamps (87p, £1.28 and £1.90) dated 25 April 2012.

Update 16:46 28 March on twitter: "Hi Ian, we are still selling the Large Letter Diamond Jubilee stamps."

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  1. Rather destroys any notion of FDCs.....


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