Thursday 1 March 2012

Sheep Faststamp Packs with mis-cut strips

The Farm Animals Faststamps (Post and Go stamps) available from Royal Mail and some Post Offices were not printed wholly by Walsall in gravure as the Birds were, but had the service indicator etc overprinted using the Hytech dispensing machines used previously at Stampex, on basic Walsall stock as supplied to Post Offices for their Wincor Nixdorf machines.

The publicity image of the strip and the pack had the Soay breed at the top:

However the stamps dispensed at Stampex, and the packs we received, have the Welsh Mountain Badgerface at the top.  This is because the description printed in the pack has that breed at the top. Nonetheless, some packs have been produced with strips miscut with the Soay at the top!  Despite assertions by some that all registered dealers received the miscut packs, this is not the case and I know of at least one* collector who received his as part of his standing order.  So check yours!

* OK, it seems like everybody who writes now has got the miscut pack, so maybe all standing order customers got them?  Anybody needing one of the correct ones and wanting to do a straight swap, please email ian AT 

Is there no end to this??   At least three Royal Mail customers have received their orders from Tallents House with yet another variation of the miscut, with the Suffolk stamp at the top of the strip!
Thanks to Kevin for this image.  
 Once again anybody needing one of the correct ones and wanting to do a straight swap, please email ian AT

And another:  MikeE has reported that his pack has the Dalesbred stamp at the top of the strip! 


  1. Ian,

    I can confirm that the pack i received from tallent house, which i applied for using their postal flyer, indeed has the Soay at the top of the strip.

    So who has the rarities of the two, You or the rest of us?


  2. An interesting question, Jeff. So far it seems that people who bought the pack from Tallents House on standing order, or from their flyer, and some who bought them from Post Offices, have the miscut.

    As those sent to registered dealers go out before those then maybe those on the top of the deck were the corrected ones, and those at the bottom of the deck were the miscuts.

    One thing's for sure, Royal Mail won't tell us what the mix is!

  3. My pack which arrived this morning from Tallents House as the Suffolk at the top.

    1. Thanks Michael
      I had a similar report from a regular contact this morning and hope to have a picture to show by Monday.

    2. The image of the pack with the Suffolk at the top has now been added - three RM customers have received these from Tallents House.

      It seems that somebody forgot to be precise in the specification given to Hytech in Holland!

  4. Hello from Italy.
    I finally received my pack from Tallents House with Dalesbred stamp at the top of the strip.

  5. Hi

    Standing order from RM - Soay at the top; RM telephone order (10 off) - all Dalesbreed at the top; another RM telephone order (again 10 off)- all Leicester Longwool at top. Just can't get RM to supply with the correct order!!! - obviously I'm the lucky one since folk are successfully selling 'miscuts' on eBay at a premium.


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