Tuesday 20 March 2012

Machin PSB Singles? Fill stamp album supplement spaces

It's about this time of year that the annual supplements for pre-printed albums start appearing, and you realise which stamps have been accorded individual status - and which ones you haven't got!

Just lately the changes of printers, and the inability of any of them to match shades properly have led to a lot of new Stanley Gibbons numbers, such as for these 5p stamps:


The Darwin - which was darker than anything before it - is SG Y1743s (chocolate) - the lighter shade is not separately mentioned in the Concise catalogue.
The Classic Album Covers stamp has the wrong font - SG Y743t.
The Britain Alone stamp is Y1743sb (red-brown), and the WWF version is Y1743sc (lake-brown).
The newest 5p stamp, from the Aerial Post Centenary PSB - new SG Concise number awaited.

And a similar situation applies to other values such as the 10p


All these and more are now available in our online shop - but some of them are in very short supply!

And if there is anything that you need and can't see, please send us a site email with details and we will tell you whether or not we can help.


  1. For info, I believe the 5p ex Aerial Post PSB is designated as Venetian Red by SG and currently has the Specialised Cat No UG22A.

  2. Thank you - from what I remember the Specialised uses different (more precise) colour references than the Concise (or Royal Mail).

    Do you know what Concise number UG22A has been aligned with? I don't subscribe to GSM so have to try and follow their numbers as and when I can.

  3. As soon as I find out, I'll let you know. Do you have SG Concise Nos for the 10p variants?

  4. Even though the 10p have almost as much variety as the 5p, fewer have unique numbers.
    The Classic Albums is Y1749a but the Darwin, Britain Alone & WWF are not separately identified (on our shop I have allocated 1749.d, 1749.b and 1749.w with a decimal separating the number from the identifier). Again, the Dahl is as yet unknown.

  5. I want to thank you for the great job that you do. When it comes to news about Great Britain stamps, specially the Machins, YOU ARE THE BEST!

    1. Thank you anonymous friend. I'm sure MachinMania would be as good if Roy was in the UK and had access to information as much as we do: we're not always first! (See blogs listed on the right of the page!)

  6. The Concise catalogue has the pane from the Ariel Post booklet listed as Y1743scb which is an error as under the Y1743 5p entry it is listed as Y1743sbb meaning they have listed it the same colour as the Britain Alone 5p Y1743sb - which looks nothing like it in your picture.

  7. Well spotted! I have some sympathy with the catalogue editors, but I do think they should have an easier way to relate the individual stamps to the booklets, perhaps showing the whole pane in the same way as the Stoneham catalogue does.

    I'm planning a cross-reference list but it will take second place to the update of the Security Stamps table, showing sources and Royal Mail stock code numbers as well.


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