Thursday 22 March 2012

Machin business sheet stamps, how to identify printers

For some years now Royal Mail have been moving towards eliminating other corporate identities from their products, with the printer's logo disappearing from sheet stamps, and the printers' names being eliminated from business sheets, booklets and even FDCs!

News that both De La Rue and Walsall Security Printers have printed the 1st Jubilee, 1st Large Jubilee, and 2nd class business sheets has had collectors reaching for their magnifiers to examine the gaps in the security cuts, although these are only an approximate guide.

Now an eagle-eye has noticed that the Forest Stewardship Council certification identifies the certificate owner (or printer) meaning that identification of the printer will be as easy on the booklets and business sheets as it is on the counter sheets (identified by plate/cylinder number prefix).

DLR products show the contract no. C020244 whereas Walsall products show the contract no. C023216. Just for completeness Cartor printings show the contract no. C100572.

Both the Diamond Jubilee Business sheets (1st-class and Large 1st-class) printed by Walsall replace the 'MIX Paper' (on DLR printings) with ' MIX Paper from responsible sources' on two lines.  

As another guide, Business sheets printed by DLR have the date and sheet no printed horizontally and those printed by Walsall have these details vertically.

Thanks to Keith W for this information.

Further technical details from the FSC website:

FSC-C100572  Cartor Security Printing SAS  FRANCE  valid from 16 Aug 2010 to 15 Aug 2015

FSC-C020244  De La Rue Security Print  UNITED KINGDOM valid from 4 Nov 2009 to  4 Nov 2014

FSC-C023216   Walsall Security Printers Limited   UNITED KINGDOM valid from 6 Aug 2009 to 5 Aug 2014


  1. Purchased over the counter today from a Post Office in the Enfield area the Jubilee issues for the 1st Large Business sheet (print date on reverse 27/01/12 - 0339053)with Walsall FSC code and the 1st Large counter sheet (19/01/12 - 0067572) with De La Rue FSC code.
    Doug (Enfield)

    1. Thanks, Doug, all this information is useful to have.


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