Monday 12 March 2012

Buyers pay dear for Sheep Faststamp Miscuts on eBay

The Sheep Faststamp packs have also been attracting attention on eBay.  As reported here, there are several versions of these. 

The correct version has the Welsh Mountain Badgerface as the top stamp, matching the write-up inside the pack.  Two other versions have been delivered to collectors as part of their bureau standing orders, with either the Soay or Suffolk stamp at the top of the strip.

These have been selling for upwards of £12 on eBay compared with the face value of £2.76.  If you buy, make sure that you get what is advertised: it is not unknown for sellers to use stock photos instead of scanning their items, and all the official pre-issue publicity images had the Soay at the top of the strip.  It is also possible, with great care, to resposition the stamps on the backing paper.  As all of the stamps on the strip have the same code numbers (ending 05) rearrangement will not be evident other than if the stamps are not properly lined up.

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