Monday 7 March 2016

Slogan postmarks need to be informative rather than just slogans?

What's the point ?  Ok, the inquisitive will look online and find that it is about a new NHS campaign to make us all get off our seats, stop looking at our stamps, and go out and get some exercise and fresh air!

But - unless there is something unprinted from this one (like the web address) - this has to be one of the daftest slogan postmarks in recent years.

But, it's had an effect and we've given it appropriate publicity.  Oh, and the website is here: despite spending so much time at my desk, I scored 8/10. Just need to shake off this cold, and when the weather is better, walk your orders to the Post Office! 


  1. Ian, I scored 7/10. Need to get out to more Post Offices and maybe park the car further away and walk the rest.

  2. 7/10. If I have to start counting calories, I'd need to sacrifice something else as I need to be able to lick stamps to post my letters!


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