Wednesday 23 March 2016

ANZAC Commemorative Stamp Sheet and Generic Smiler Sheet for New York 2016

Royal Mail have issued pictures of the next Commemorative Sheet and Exhibition Smilers Sheet.

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) was a First World War army corps of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force that was formed in Egypt in 1915 and operated during the Battle of Gallipoli. General William Birdwood commanded the corps, which comprised troops from the First Australian Imperial Force and 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force. The corps was disbanded in 1916 following the Allied evacuation of the Gallipoli peninsula and the formation of I Anzac Corps and II Anzac Corps.

The sheet recognises the role played by Anzac troops in WWI on the Centenary of the first official ANZAC day which was first observed in Australia in 1916.  The 1st class Poppy stamps are attached to 10 different labels depicting various aspects of the Anzac regiments.

Price £14.95  Royal Mail product code AV042

These special postmarks have been announced for this sheet, available from the London (13796) and Cardiff (13802) Special Handstamp Centres (updated 5 April 2016).

The World Stamp Show NY2016 will take place in New York City from 28 May to 4 June 2016.  Royal Mail will be present and will issue an exhibition generic sheet on the opening day.  Following the style of previous exhibiton generic sheets it contains 20 x 1st class Hello stamps with images of New York on the attached labels.  Unusually the labels in the first column form a composite picture with the Statue of Liberty (emblem of the show) pictured.  The self-adhesive sheet is printed by International Security Printers (Cartor) in Litho.  The price is £13.30.

Royal Mail's Post and Go machines will also be at the show selling, among others, the New York skyline stamp from a single-design roll.

UPDATE 16 May: Postmarks available (in the UK) coinciding with the New York show:

The Broadway postmark (13827) is available from Midland Special Handstamp Centre, and the Lincoln one (13830) from Northern Special Handstamp Centre.

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