Monday 21 March 2016

Post and Go Mail Coach solo stamp to be offered at The Postal Museum

Museum E-news LONDON, 17 March 2016

"The Postal Museum is pleased to announce that from Friday 1 April, it will be exclusively offering a digitally printed version of the Mail Coach stamp from the Royal Mail Heritage: Transport Post and Go set. 

"This will replace the full set which will be available until Thursday 31 March and will be available in all values.

"The stamps can be purchased from the A001 Post and Go machine located at Freeling House, The Postal Museum’s present offices.  The issue will be available from 10am."

This is a Postal Museum announcement: so far Royal Mail have not confirmed the news.

So... while on the one hand Royal Mail are promising that they will make life easier for the collector, and less expensive, the Post and Go output continues unabated.  Maybe they don't understand that as this is a digital print it is philatelically different, never mind what printing their may be on it.

And, unless Royal Mail also make the digital mailcoach stamp available, the stamp will only be available at this stage from the Postal Museum and only with their additional inscription.

But at least the decision made when the set of Postal Heritage Transport stamps were sold at the Museum, ie that only 1st class stamps would be available, has been reversed.  The Mailcoach stamp will be available in all 6 denominations (click on the image for an enlargement), enabling collectors to buy a single 64p stamp, or a whole set.


  1. Poor choice of date!

    1. It’s not a well-planned April fool’s day prank is it?

    2. The pack has been added to their on-line shop, so maybe it's not an April Fool Day joke

  2. On the subject of Royal Mail making life easier for the collector (ha!), I note from a recent email from Buckingham Covers that for the imminent QEII 90th Birthday issue, Royal Mail are apparently issuing a Limited Edition of just 1926 PSBs which will be embossed with real gold on the label in the centre of the definitive pane. Of course there is no information on the Royal Mail website and it is impossible to get through to the Stamps and Collectibles people by phone to confirm that this additional "different" PSB is indeed being produced and, if so, how to order one. I am assuming of course that this is not what I will be sent under my Standing Order.


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