Thursday 3 March 2016

More new slogan postmarks

Thank you to everybody who has sent examples of machine and slogan postmarks recently.  What with Stampex and so on, I haven't had time to post them individually, so here goes.

While the rest of the country was urging people to post Valentines Day cards, Northern Ireland Mail Centre in Belfast was reminding addressees to write the Postcode clearly on 11 February:

A nationwide slogan promoting Child Rescue Alert is here shown from  Gatwick on 13 February

and in the other format from Medway Mail Centre on 15 February

Nice to see a Shackleton commemorative getting an outing and being used on ordinary mail and, spookily from a totally different source, the same stamp gets a slogan for today's World Book Day campaign.  This from Bristol Mail Centre on 2 March.

In between times there was also a St David's Day postmark sent to Wales.  We don't know whether the St David's Day or Child Rescue Alert postmark was used at Birmingham or SE Wales in this case.  The letter was addressed to Wales (evidenced by the bilingual 'Delivered By' portion of the postmark and it may be that ONLY mail addressed to Wales received this postmark.

Thanks to Adrian, Dominic, and Stampboards members.

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