Tuesday 1 March 2016

BFPO Northolt Post and Go stamps from M001

As mentioned earlier, Post and Go machine M001 has been installed at RAF Northolt which is the centre for BFPO operations in the United Kingdom.  The privately-run British Forces Philatelic Service, located in Fife Scotland, arranged to have some stamps produced for sale to collectors and dealers, and also produced first day covers.  All profits from these go to Forces Charities, but numbers were limited and they are now sold out.  [We don't have any stocks.]

On the face of it the Machin stamps are no different to the ones sold earlier when the machine was at Royal Mail's engineering and training facility at Wheatstone House, Swindon, with only the datastring being different.  However at BFPO the Union Flag is also available (we don't know whether this was the case at Swindon).

Illustrated below are mint stamps and the combined FDC.  Also available were separate FDCs for Machins and Flags with a complete set of stamps on, all cancelled with the BFPS 1000 postmark 27 JAN 2016.  Unfortunately the stamps were not obtained until late February, and all receipts seen so far are dated 25 February, with session number 0013, indicating that the session numbers were reset for BFPO.

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