Wednesday 11 June 2014

Where the L ??

Most collectors will remember the 2009 NAFAS mixed booklet on which one of the letters A was mysteriously dropped from the iridescent text.  Then an M was found to be missing from both 1st and 2nd class Large business sheet printings also from 2009.

Now we have been told about another missing letter, on this year's 1st and 2nd class Large counter sheets, which have MAI   ROYAL near the top, above the 'ST' and 'ND' indicating that the same iridescent cylinder was used for both values.  Thanks to Rob for alerting us to this!

Unlike the MCIL example - where other booklets had the complete text - these are unlikely to be variants meriting a separate entry in our checklist.  It is most likely that the same cylinder will be used for any subsequent 2014 printings - although if you find otherwise, we'd be delighted to be proved wrong!

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