Tuesday 3 June 2014

Remembrance Poppy Post and Go Faststamp at Autumn Stampex

As previously mentioned on an unofficial website (and then removed) we can confirm that a Poppy Faststamp will be available at Autumn Stampex from 17 September 2014.  

A poppy will be included in the Symbolic Flowers set of six designs to be issued on the same day, but we understand that the Poppy will also be produced on single-design rolls.  From what we have seen the design on the Faststamp is very similar to that being issued as one of this year's Great War 1st class stamps to be issued on 28 July.

It will be available for Remembrance Day - and at some places is likely to be used in parallel with the Winter Greenery set of 6 due for issue on 13 November.

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