Monday 23 June 2014

Carelessness must be the cause of another Perth Post and Go error

Let's face it, my website has had its fair share of typos, and other errors.  That's what happens when you copy the page for one stamp issue to use again for another one, with all text suitably edited, images changed, etc etc.  Yes mistakes occur - and I'm grateful to readers for pointing them out!

But when you are responsible for producing stamps, you'd expect that they would be correct.  No, mistakes occur there as well, though rarely on British stamps.  The Buckingham Palace prestige stamp book did allege that the picture of Sir Winston Churchill on the selvedge of one pane was at Buckingham Palace when he was in fact at the Ministry of Health in Whitehall, but that didn't affect the stamps themselves.

So we come to the latest Post and Go Faststamp error, yet another one to have occurred at the Perth Congress. Now Perth, as we all know, is in Scotland, else why would the Scottish Philatelic Societies have their Congress there?   Well, the first Post and Go stamps to be dispensed were fine, but the receipt shows Perth to be in Wiltshire.  Yes, it's a hangover from the Salisbury show.  (As machinmaniac points out, this was 2013, but the point is valid)

This was on eBay - clearly showing the address of Perth, Wiltshire, SP1 3NR

After the many errors at Stampex, we were assured that quality control would be improved for future issues.  Perhaps that should now be extended to text on the receipts as well as the stamps themselves!


  1. This is an old one. It is from Perth 2013 and not 2014. The Perth fair was shortly after the Salisbury stamp fair. I am pretty sure that the postcode is for the Riverside Leisure Centre in Salisbury. (Someone initially forgot to change it.) These were fairly well known at the time.

    1. You're right - I mis-read the date. I didn't spot it and nobody reported it last year. Nonetheless still smacks of carelessness!


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