Tuesday 10 June 2014

Post and Go: York and Korea

Earlier posts have outlined the 2014 Post and Go Roadshow programme (see here)  We will not be going to York or Korea but I am trying to make arrangements to get a limited supply of material from both shows.

Kiosks A003 and A004, previously at Stampex, will be present dispensing Machin and Union Flag stamps.  As usual, we cannot tell beforehand whether these will be undated, MA13 or even MA14.  What is certain is that they will have the new 60g values, and the 97p stamp will have the dual inscription Euro 20g /World 10g

We will not be able to get stamps on the opening day, only Saturday, so will only supply mint, not FDC.

The Collectors Sets will be 1st - 1st Large - E20/W10 - E60 - W20 - W60

New compared with Salisbury and Stampex are the E20/W10,  E60 and W60 stamps, so those who want a simple collection of one of each will only want these three values to add to their earlier strips.

If you would like any of these please email as soon as possible so that orders can be consolidated and arrangements made.

PHILAKOREA World Stamp Exhibition 7 - 12 August

Royal Mail A003 and A004 and Jersey J001 kiosks will be present with the 'Philakorea 2014/World Stamp Expo' caption being on Machin and Union Flag stamps from the Royal Mail machines and on Jersey Flag and Union Flag stamps from J001.  These will have KR in the datastring.

Stamps with GB in the datastring will be available from Royal Mail Tallents House and with JE from Jersey Post's Philatelic Bureau via mail order.

We have tentative arrangements to obtain stamps from the exhibition with KR code but can take no more orders.
If you would like mint stamps from Korea please email (see top right) immediately and we will get what we can.
Collectors wanting the GB- or JE-coded stamps are advised to apply to the respective bureaux direct.

Some pictures from Korea - thanks Michael:

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