Monday 9 June 2014

Deja vu as the Estonian Post office unveils new international name

Remember Consignia, and how long that lasted?  News this week from Post and Parcel that Eesti Post has unveiled its new international name Omniva, which will be used for its logistics solutions and business operations in the Baltic domestic market. 

The name Eesti Post will be retained for post offices and the mail delivery service, and will be the legal name of the company in Estonia.

This summer Eesti Post will gradually introduce the Omniva trademark in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, illustrating the international character of the logistics company. Omniva will operate all of the company’s modern communication and logistics services.

The internationalisation of the company and enlargement of its domestic market from Estonia to Latvia and Lithuania have driven the need for the new trademark.

Chairman of the board Aavo Kärmas said, "The change is also needed because the brand name Eesti Post is strongly associated with postal services, which have been playing an ever-diminishing role in the company’s business over the last decade, and the name is not identified with the nature of contemporary communications and logistics solutions. Eesti Post has become an international logistics company in recent years, which is why a brand name connected only to the postal sector no longer fits with the company’s business strategy for the future."

The new name Omniva is derived from the Latin word omni, which means all-inclusive, all in one, everything. In this, the company is expressing its ability to offer customers all-in-one solutions. It is also very similar to the word omnivagus omniva word that means "wandering everywhere."

In 2001 Royal Mail was renamed Consignia plc in 2001 and the new name was intended to show that the company did more than deliver mail, however, the change was very unpopular with both the public and employees. The Communication Workers Union boycotted the name, and the following year, it was announced that the company would be renamed Royal Mail Group plc.

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