Friday 6 June 2014

Visiting London - Vera Trinder shop closing 30 June 2014

Collectors who are planning to visit the Vera Trinder shop in Bedford Street, may not be aware that the shop will be closing on 30 June and the business relocating to the Prinz UK building in Hayle, Cornwall*.

The owners of the Bedford Street building are going to redevelop the site into offices - so no more trips to the Trinder Basement to browse through long-forgotten publications !

We wish the company well in their relocation, and good luck to the London staff who are not moving.

Vera Trinder Ltd, Unit 3a, Hayle Industrial Park, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5JR
Tel: 01736 751910   E-mail:

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  1. How very sad: to think of Covent Garden without Vera Trinder is to imagine it without the famous restaurtant Rules or Stanley Gibbons itself! Thank you Vera Trinder, for keeping me supplied with stamp collecing supplies for over 40 years.


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