Saturday 12 November 2022

November 2022 Miscellaneous Updates

Most of the year's limited Post and Go news is in the January blogpost, along with very many comments. My thanks to Malcolm, Trevor, Chris and many anonymous correspondents.  Here for the record is this year's Postal Museum Lest We Forget Poppy stamp.

The Postal Museum Lest We Forget 2022 inscription on MA15 Poppy stamp.

Datamatrix Machin Dates

A number of additions have been made to the original list and if you have any more I would be very pleased to add them, with scans of course.




We're more than half way to the prize date when 5,555,555 page views are reached. Don't forget to take a timed screen capture - after you have refreshed the page.  Earliest one wins the prize!


The Mail on Sunday is claiming a victory in its efforts to defer the entirely reasonable deadline for using pre-barcoded stamps, and says that forms and envelopes will be available from Post Offices (how many?)   I'm waiting for an official copy of the press release. 

Update - story confirmed, see Royal Mail Press Release.


  1. When the first swap-out was announced I sent my stamps in and got the barcoded equivalents. However, since then I have bought additional 1st class stamps from local shops, and they have been all the old style ones, even as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Is there going to be a date after which they can't be sold by shops, I wonder?

  2. The Postal Museum Lest we Forget 2022 overprint lasted only for a short time on the first day before being changed to the correct Lest we Forget as in use at other RN sites.
    As an estimate no more than about 20 collector strips exist of these.
    On the first day due to internet problems no overprint was available at RN Submarine museum but this has now been fixed and will be available from Wednesday 23rd when the museum reopens.


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