Saturday 26 November 2022

New Checklist, new Sales list, and only one prize.

Yes it is prize time, because the magic 5,555,555 page views has been reached - and well passed, so I think a lot of people must have been looking - bad luck to those who missed it.  More about this at the foot of this report.

New: Checklist version 2.6.5

Now that the last of this year's Machin definitives has appeared - and maybe the last of all - I've prepared a new checklist.  However this won't be the last because of errors in Stanley Gibbons' allocation of numbers for some of the stamps issued in Prestige Books.

It's all explained in detail in the list, and I can't begin to guess what Gibbons might do because they need three new tables or sub-tables in the Barcoded section, the V numbers.  Download or view the latest pdf version here or come back later to the usual link in the right-had 'LINKS' table.

New: Sales list of Country Definitives

We've at last had time to prepare a list of Country Definitive stamps, from the very first with no white borders, up to but excluding the change of typeface issue.  This includes self-adhesive singles from Smilers sheets - and there are three versions of some of those - and singles & panes from Prestige Stamp Books.

Also in the list are national flags and decimal Wildings which are not subject to invalidation under Royal Mail's scheme.  

CORRECTION:  W99 xa is Cartor not DLR.

Quantities are shown in many cases: this is to give you an idea of how quickly you might need to order as for some stamps we have very few in stock.  There are many where we have no singles only cylinder and/or date blocks but if you require these, please include them in your lists and we will break the blocks.  Likewise there are no numbers for the Wildings but they are available. These of course you can delay ordering.

Everything unsold will be traded in to Royal Mail for a quantity of barcoded stamps which we shall find difficult to use, so discounts are available for large orders, and we're open to suggestions on prices for quantity purchases.  And remember if you buy at under current face you now have until 31 July 2023 to use them for postage!

Prize Time - 5 is a magic number.

Congratulations to CB of Solihull who successfully captured the roll-over to 5,555,555 page views on the blog, and send it at 2.16 am, and commiserations to everybody else who thought they could wake up at a sensible time and claim the prize!

Click on the image to see it full-size.

Your prize will be on its way during next week and with luck you will get it before Christmas. Thanks for taking part.


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Ian I am sure it would have been posted here but I cannot find a mention of the new datamatrix coded country stamps on the latest check list, have SG not provided SG codes for these yet?

    1. The Checklist is only for Machins, Peter.

      Meanwhile Gibbons are in two minds about what they will do. One person has given me revised numbers for Transformers while another has said they will wait (a) until they actually get the King Tut stamps (as would I), and (b) until they are prepping for the Concise. But I think there may be more Machins before the KC4 and Concise.

  3. Hi Ian,
    I emailed on Monday and I've just had it bounce back with a failure to deliver - is this a permanent problem, or just a temporary glitch? There was nothing very important in my email, but I thought that you ought to know.

    1. Plenty of emails coming through, John. Try wild1952 @ as the alternative.


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