Tuesday 25 October 2022

You missed out on a prize! Blog visits = 5,500,000

No, this isn't an invitation to a scam!

I intended to offer a prize to anybody who could send a genuine timed screen grab of when the blog visitors count reached 5,500,000 - but it all happened too quickly for me to set it up.

First post on the blog, just over 14 years ago.


Thank you all for visiting over the years: we got off to a good start during the London Olympics in 2012, and despite, for example, very little news about Post and Go and other changes, the number of visitors keeps rising.


Look out for 5,555,555 - there will be a prize and I will try to prepare readers for this event!

PS: For readers who still see a low number (JH), you may need to refresh the page.  I have just opened the computer and it showed 5,500,096 but when I refreshed the page it jumped to 5,500,148.

See update here.


  1. Hi Ian,
    The counter on my browser (Firefox) must be non-decimal - it reports "nearly 5,300,000 visits" - still very impressive, but not yet 5,500,000. Or isn't the number on the front page the one I should be looking at?

    1. As I suspected, I was looking at the wrong number - the count on http://www.norphil.co.uk/ is a bit behind reality.

    2. Ah; that explans. There is no counter on the main website now. I've put an example on the blog here now.

  2. Congratulations. Happy so many people come to visit!

  3. Closest to the pin? I got a screen shot at 5,555,608.