Tuesday 15 November 2022

Mixed content retail booklets: will there be any more?

A number of collectors - and dealers - have asked if there will be any Mixed Content retail booklets with barcoded definitives - Gibbons' PM series.

Mixed content retail booklet of 6 x 1st class 'RAF Centenary' stamps.


I asked my Royal Mail contacts and the answer is that there has been no formal decision not to have any more.

However, the production process for Mixed Content booklets is more complex than for ordinary retail booklets as not all the matrix is removed and a larger number of cylinders is required than for single-value booklets.  The barcoding adds an extra level of complexity and cost.  

So while these may reappear in the future, I wouldn't expect to see any with Machin definitives, and it's probably unlikely that we will see any more until a good reason is found to produce them.

One of the original reasons for their production was to introduce to stamp users who bought only booklets something other than the definitives, in the hope that this might encourage them to investigate and buy other products in the issue.  

However the stamps and packs are not sold where many people buy their stamps (ie supermarkets) and  fewer post office branches have stocks of special stamps, so this suggestion would depend on people buying their stamps from Royal Mail's online shop, something which was never actually advertised on the booklets!

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  1. It’s a shame. There are many collectors like me who collect all things booklet. Uncertain times ahead with the new King


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