Monday, 10 January 2022

Post and Go news in 2022

As I mentioned in November, I now aim to have a Post and Go post (and comment thread) for each year, so this is the first post for 2022.  Malcolm has already provided a comment on the November post about what happened when The Postal Museum re-opened, but I have copied this here so that we have something to start the year with.  And of course it has a glitch - well an oddity I think.  Read on!

Postal Museum changes 1 January 2022

Reader Malcolm reports: After service on the 31st December, the Winter Greenery stock was removed and from Saturday 1st January 2022 it was replaced with Union Flag undated stock for 1st class and MA15 2nd class Machin, but without the Wish You Were Here inscription.  This did continue on the 1st class, ending at close of business on Sunday 2nd January.

The museum was then closed on its usual Monday and Tuesday, reopening on Wednesday 5th with the Wish You Were Here inscription now removed from the 1st class Machin, so therefore a new variety of strip was available, being the first time with the Europe and Worldwide Large strips have been available without a commemorative overprint.

For the first half hour of operation on 5th, the stock was MA13, and it was then replaced with MA14 stock subsequently.

UPDATE 12 January: Malcolm has sent these pictures from the Postal Museum:

January 2022 Postal Museum Post and Go 1st class stamps, MA13 (left) and MA14.

All news about P&G in 2022 will be here, and comments for the old (November 2021) post will be closed.


  1. Worcester 6th Jan
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R21YAL, Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL, Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R21YAL, 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL (2nd on 1st)

    Redditch 6th Jan

    All kiosk OOU due to communications issue following a power cut in December

    Exeter 6th Jan
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK68 1st Machin R18YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK70 1st Winter Greenery CL20S, 2nd Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK71 1st Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S

    Last but by no means least. Went to Chorley on 4th Jan and can confirm no kiosks in new PO premises despite branch finder saying there are. Not sure if this has been reported before, apologies if I've missed it

    1. Apologies Redditch & Worcester should read 5th Jan

    2. Apologies, cut & paste error crept into my post. Exeter K70 1st is R20YAL (Thanks John)

  2. I’ve raised that before with Post Office in 2018.

    The response was ‘SSK's aren't a service that we advertise, therefore, they will not be added to our branch finder’


  3. Funny how male acts get featured on stamps, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Elton John, etc etc we need to have a female act Kim Wilde gets my vote. ha ha

    1. Martin, please try to comment on the right post.

  4. To clarify my comments on the original 2021`post reference Postal Museum.
    The 1st class greenery which was inserted on the 1st December replaced the Union Flag stamps, the 1st class Machin with Wish You Were Here on continued throughout December losing the overprint on the 2nd January, the 2nd class Machin was replaced by 2nd Greenery again on the 1st December without Wish You Were Here overprint and then when the 2nd Machin replaced Greenery again on the 1st January it did not revert to Wish You Were Here for the final 2 days.
    The 1st Class Machin throughout Wish You Were Here was MA13 stock until replaced around 10:30 on the 5th January so therefore 30 minutes without the commemorative overprint.
    Note for Ian I did email you a JPEG of the two strips.

  5. A couple of west London offices 12 January 2022

    155025 Hounslow WHS
    SSK67 1st class Winter Greenery R21YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL19S
    SSK68 1st class Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK69 out of service paper jam

    139006 Ealing WHS
    SSK67 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK68 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK69 1st class Winter Greenery R21YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL21S



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