Monday 10 January 2022

Post and Go news in 2022

As I mentioned in November, I now aim to have a Post and Go post (and comment thread) for each year, so this is the first post for 2022.  Malcolm has already provided a comment on the November post about what happened when The Postal Museum re-opened, but I have copied this here so that we have something to start the year with.  And of course it has a glitch - well an oddity I think.  Read on!

Postal Museum changes 1 January 2022

Reader Malcolm reports: After service on the 31st December, the Winter Greenery stock was removed and from Saturday 1st January 2022 it was replaced with Union Flag undated stock for 1st class and MA15 2nd class Machin, but without the Wish You Were Here inscription.  This did continue on the 1st class, ending at close of business on Sunday 2nd January.

The museum was then closed on its usual Monday and Tuesday, reopening on Wednesday 5th with the Wish You Were Here inscription now removed from the 1st class Machin, so therefore a new variety of strip was available, being the first time with the Europe and Worldwide Large strips have been available without a commemorative overprint.

For the first half hour of operation on 5th, the stock was MA13, and it was then replaced with MA14 stock subsequently.

UPDATE 12 January: Malcolm has sent these pictures from the Postal Museum:

January 2022 Postal Museum Post and Go 1st class stamps, MA13 (left) and MA14.

UPDATE 19 January: The Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog reports the latest Post and Go imprints from Jersey and Guernsey. 

The Jersey issue was actually on 6 December 2021 and marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the island's Finance Industry, as it was 1961 when banks started establishing offshore branches to meet the growing demands of British customers living or working abroad. The additional inscription is applied to all six colours of the Jersey Arms stamps.

Jersey Arms Post and Go stamp with inscription marking 60 Years of the Finance Industry.

On 17 February Jersey Post will issue a new set of 'Harvest of the Sea' Post and Go stamps in six new designs. (Via Gulfmann ATM Collection blog).

Jersey 'Harvest of the Sea' Post and Go stamps (1 of 6) issued 17 February 2022

Meanwhile on 19 February Guernsey Post will issue a set of six new designs entitled Guernsey Cuisine, all are pictured on the CSO blog.

Guernsey 'Cuisine' Post and Go stamp (1 of 6) issued 19 February 2022

UPDATE 16 February. Thanks to Malcolm B for news from The Postal Museum regarding its output for the London 2022 International Exhibition.  

The London 2022 inscription is on the 1st class Machin stamps on machine A001 in The Postal Museum and on the Post Office London Railway stamp on machine A013 in Mail Rail.  It will run from next Saturday (19th February) to the end of Saturday 26th February. 

Update 4 April - Postal Museum

A new exhibition is running at the Postal Museum from 30 March 2022 – 1 January 2023 entitled Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes. This delves into the Post Office innovation that revolutionised how post was processed, sorted, and delivered and its unintended outcomes for life in Britain.

Thanks to Malcolm we can show the Post & Go strips that are associated with this exhibition, which have an additional 'Sorting Britain' imprint.  

He writes: Update on Postal Museum went ahead as planned Machin was MA13 stock and Flag MA19 stock (first time here). Mail by Air went in as R19 stock and was available as a first class strip however also available were all the other values of a collector strip although this was not available as an option.

Postal Museum Post and Go stamps: Machin MA13 and Union Flag MA19 with
Sorting Britain imprint; and Mail by Air MA19 stock without that imprint all from machine A001

UPDATE 3 June 2022.  To mark the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II the Postal Museum is resurrecting the Machin Anniversary set with a new imprint: their (edited) press release:

The Postal Museum is set to release a new inscription on its Post & Go machines to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

The inscription “The Postal Museum/The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee” will be printed on the multicoloured “Machin 50th anniversary” stamps and will run from 3 June to 1 July 2022.

Each of six anniversary Machin stamps is a different colour and will be overprinted with the standard UK first class (up to 100g) value. They will temporarily replace the existing “Mail by Air” stamps for the duration of the Jubilee inscription. These stamps will be available from the Post & Go machine in the museum’s welcome space, either singly or in strips of six.

The inscription “Mail Rail/The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee” will be printed on standard “Machin first class” stamps of all values. These stamps will be available as a collector’s strip of six and as individual values from the Post & Go machine in the Mail Rail’s welcome space from 3 June to 1 July 2022.

The Postal Museum will be joining other Royal Mail Post & Go sites in offering this Jubilee inscription - the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) site at HMS Victory in Portsmouth, NMRN Submarine Museum in Gosport, NMRN Explosion Museum also in Gosport, Fleet Air Arm Museum in Ilchester, HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford Upon Avon and STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway in Swindon.

Postal Museum Platinum Jubilee Post & Go set from pre-release publicity image.

Thanks to Mike I can also show the actual stamps from both machines:

Postal Museum and Mail Rail Platinum Jubilee Post & Go set

Doug couldn't have missed Mike by many minutes judging by the session numbers (7821 & 0840) of his strips.  Both reported it quiet (apart from families visiting the museum) and Mike said that he "didn’t see any of the ‘usual’ dealers there."

UPDATE 8 June: My thanks to AH who writes:
Thanks to your blog, I bought six of the Platinum Jubilee Post & Go stamps on Saturday and had one of them used on the envelope.  It was cancelled with a cds for 4th June and also received an example of the Platinum Jubilee slogan on its travels (but this is not very clear).

The thanks are, of course, equally due to other readers and contributors.  This is the stamp, which we can see comes from machine A009 which is still, as far as I know, at the Shakespeare Centre in Stratford.  We have recorded past instances of Shakespeare output with their logo and the new inscription occupying the same position on the stamp which is probably why the logo is missing here, giving no indication of where the stamp was printed.  Are other museum outputs like this on this occasion?

Platinum Jubilee inscription on Post and Go stamp from machine A009, Stratford's Shakespeare Centre.
UPDATE 17 JUNE:  John MacCullum has sent these images of the two relevant special handstamps on the Postal Museum Platinum Jubilee stamps:
London special handstamp for HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee on Postal Museum Platinum Jubilee Post and Go stamp 3 June 2022

London special handstamp for The Postal Museum, London WC1 on Postal Museum Platinum Jubilee Post and Go stamp 3 June 2022


Jubilee UPDATE 13 July: My thanks to MC for (a couple of weeks ago) sending this picture of the Platinum Jubilee inscription added to the Swindon Steam GWR stamps. The stock is MA13.

Platinum Jubilee inscription added to the Swindon Steam GWR stamps

UPDATE 19 August:   Thanks to Malcolm for sending these images of the 2nd class Post & Go stamps coded CL21S purchased from York.

UPDATE 12 November 2022.  I haven't included examples of all changes here, but my thanks to Malcolm for sending this image of the Postal Museum's Lest We Forget 2022 inscription on the MA15 Poppy stamp.

The Postal Museum Lest We Forget 2022 inscription on MA15 Poppy stamp.

UPDATE 27 June.  My thanks to correspondent JJ who tells us that Spain will issue a set of variable value (Post and Go) stamps on 7 July dedicated to the Pride parade.

Spain: Pride Post and Go stamp 7 July 2022.


All news about P&G in 2022 will be here or in the comments below.

A new post for 2023 has now been set up here.  This one will be closed for new comments soon.


  1. Worcester 6th Jan
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R21YAL, Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL, Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R21YAL, 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL (2nd on 1st)

    Redditch 6th Jan

    All kiosk OOU due to communications issue following a power cut in December

    Exeter 6th Jan
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK68 1st Machin R18YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S
    SSK70 1st Winter Greenery CL20S, 2nd Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK71 1st Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd Machin CL17S

    Last but by no means least. Went to Chorley on 4th Jan and can confirm no kiosks in new PO premises despite branch finder saying there are. Not sure if this has been reported before, apologies if I've missed it

    1. Apologies Redditch & Worcester should read 5th Jan

    2. Apologies, cut & paste error crept into my post. Exeter K70 1st is R20YAL (Thanks John)

  2. I’ve raised that before with Post Office in 2018.

    The response was ‘SSK's aren't a service that we advertise, therefore, they will not be added to our branch finder’


  3. Funny how male acts get featured on stamps, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Elton John, etc etc we need to have a female act Kim Wilde gets my vote. ha ha

    1. Martin, please try to comment on the right post.

  4. To clarify my comments on the original 2021`post reference Postal Museum.
    The 1st class greenery which was inserted on the 1st December replaced the Union Flag stamps, the 1st class Machin with Wish You Were Here on continued throughout December losing the overprint on the 2nd January, the 2nd class Machin was replaced by 2nd Greenery again on the 1st December without Wish You Were Here overprint and then when the 2nd Machin replaced Greenery again on the 1st January it did not revert to Wish You Were Here for the final 2 days.
    The 1st Class Machin throughout Wish You Were Here was MA13 stock until replaced around 10:30 on the 5th January so therefore 30 minutes without the commemorative overprint.
    Note for Ian I did email you a JPEG of the two strips.

  5. A couple of west London offices 12 January 2022

    155025 Hounslow WHS
    SSK67 1st class Winter Greenery R21YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL19S
    SSK68 1st class Winter Greenery R19YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK69 out of service paper jam

    139006 Ealing WHS
    SSK67 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL20S
    SSK68 1st class Winter Greenery R20YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL21S
    SSK69 1st class Winter Greenery R21YAL, 2nd class Winter Greenery CL21S


  6. In case I have missed something, has a P&G 2nd class Machin with year 2020 been located? Doug (Enfield)

    1. Doug, I have not heard any reports of these being available.
      As for 21 printings it remains to be seen but I suspect demand will not be there until there are 22 printings made.

    2. Apologies hit send to early but an update on the Explosions at Dockyard IAR kiosks A007 and A002 they are still awaiting a replacement pin pad from Worldpay so continue to be out of service.


    Hidden near end of article

    "There will be special overprints on the Post & Go machines at The Postal Museum to mark the international exhibition."

    1. Bob must be wondering where his next shilling is coming from if Post and Go are going to end this year.

  8. Post & Go Collectors strip increases to £14.25 following Postage Rate increase on 04/04/2022

  9. Short Notice : - On Friday 01/04/2022 to 29/04/2022 "Falklands 40th Anniversary" available from NMRN Kiosks A002, A004, A006 & A007. Presumably the main Kiosk in the NMRN Dockyard is back up and running.

  10. Museum changes are as follows

    Postal Museum as from 30th March throughout the year "Sorting Britain" overprint on 1st Machin and Union Flag stamps also from the same day likely until end of October Mailcoach replaced by Mail by Air this is likely to be on R19YAL digitally printed stock last used for the Airmail 1919 overprint should just be available as a 1st class strip.

    All five Naval museums from the 1st April to 29th April an overprint to commemorate 40th anniversary of the Falklands should be on both Machin and Union Flag stamps at NMRN, RN Submarine, Explosions, HMS Trincomalee and FAAM.
    It is reported that NMRN and Explosions are having the keypad replaced tomorrow 30th March so hopefully in service on Friday shall update when I have this confirmed.

    1. 30/03/2022 - Both Kiosks A002 and A007 (NMRN Dockyard & Naval Firepower) are still without new pin pads. They are apparently being shipped, and will hopefully be installed early next week. Information from Bob at IAR.

    2. Update on postal museum went ahead as planned Machin was MA13 stock and Flag MA19 stock (first time here)
      Mail by Air went in as R19stock and was available as a first class strip however also available were all the other values of a collector strip although this was not available as an option, I will send scans to Ian.
      A software update work around unfortunately did not fix kiosks A002 and A007 so they await replacement keypads unsure on opening days for dockyard but explosions will be still on winter opening days so not open Monday or Tuesday so presume fix will not happen before next Wednesday with go live date following that.

  11. I wonder if anyone knows of any NCR location that has R17YAL Machin's seem to be elusive for a comparatively modern printing.

    1. I can now answer my own question they are at Maidenhead.

  12. There could be a lot of Post Office closures if the chain collapses

    1. One comment is sufficient, as they have to wait for me to know that they are there and then allow them, or not.

  13. There could be a lot of Post Office closures if the chain collapses

  14. Today A002 at Portsmouth dockyard was back up and running after a six month delay, A007 at Explosions Gosport will hopefully follow next week.
    This is in advance of an overprint live between 3rd June and 1st July I think we can all guess the subject.
    A002 was MA14 Machin and undated Flag

  15. Platinum Jubilee OP from Postal Museum just announce on Machin 50th stock.

    NMRN, FAAM, RNSM, Explosion, HMS Trincomalee, Shakespeare Trust & Steam Jubilee overprints also announce on Intelligent AR site

    1. Also included in the text is that the Mail Rail kiosk will also dispense the overprint on Machin stock.

  16. It may be a stupid question but are SSK's still operating in main post offices?

    1. 4 out of 5 in action today in Exeter. All Machins!

    2. Those located in Crown offices are starting to come back into use there are examples Broadway for one where all 4 kiosks are operational others for example Windsor where only 2 out of 4 and Birmingham 3 out of 11 have been in service and still more Wealdstone and London Bridge being two where they are not in service (at least not when last checked)
      There seems to be no hard and fast rule with the decision possibly being taken on a local basis.
      Generally most contracted offices such as WH Smith have most if not all kiosks in service.

    3. Mount Pleasant kiosks not in service today

    4. This is not unusual for Mount Pleasant on a Saturday now, indeed last Saturday not a public holiday as far as I was aware the office was closed when I passed at 1030, the kiosks do seem to be open on Monday to Friday though.
      Last week a check was made and London Bridge and Aldwych remain OOS as they have been for some time now also Hampstead and Kennington OOS although 3 out of the 7 kiosks at Great Portland Street were back in service.

    5. I've no insider knowledge but recall that the SSK replacement programme was underway - or at least being considered in December 2020 >

      The fact that this was mid-pandemic shouldn't have been a problem for the progression of these ideas.

  17. Having not been to a post office for some time I would like to know the cost of a collectors set ?

    1. A 1st class collector set costs £14.25 whilst a 2nd collector costs £1.73

    2. Thank you very much Malcolm .

  18. Trevor any idea what date is being printed on the stamps?

    1. Exeter were using R20YAL and MA16 for the first class offering and second class were all CL17S

    2. Thank you very much Trevor much obliged

  19. We're a week into the Platinum Jubilee overprint and I've yet to see anything advertised for sale on the usual channels from any of the Navy Museums apart from the the FAAM. Are there still ongoing issues with machines at those locations as alluded to in Malcolm's post from 6th May?

    1. Or maybe there are just so few people buying them now that the demand wouldn't be there on the usual channels.

    2. Trevor there is not a problem with the kiosks its just that this time around there were to many locations to cover all at once and stock has to be posted between sellers.
      I have listed an extensive range of HMS Trincomalee this morning including new MA19 Flag variant now available from there and I am expecting Portsmouth area locations to be with me this morning, I will then have all locations listed except I have sold out of postal museum and mail rail.
      If I may be allowed a small sales plug search on eBay for "Queens Platinum Jubilee Overprints All Kiosks Date Code Variations Trincomalee"

    3. Trevor I have now updated my listing to include the 3 Portsmouth area sites.
      If you now search for "Queens Platinum Jubilee All Kiosks Date Code Variations Trincomalee & Explosions"
      I hope you find what you are looking for.

  20. It looks like the SSK at Central Village in Liverpool may be being removed, the branch is relocating and no mention is made

  21. There hasn't been any news of what is in the SSKs recently. Here is what is currently in the SSKs in Cambridge City post office:
    SSK67 Ist Machin R19, 2nd Machin MA14
    SSK68 Ist Machin R19, 2nd Winter Greenery CL18
    SSK69 Ist Machin R19, 2nd Machin CL16
    SSK70 Ist Poppy R18, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK71 Out of action

  22. Another branch to lose its SSK on the 12th September 2022 is Summertown 403137.
    Resignation of retail partner Mid Counties Co Op

  23. Petersfield 015937 lease expires 20th November new location will be 15 Chapel Street.
    No mention of NCR in consultation but I will visit to check.

  24. Manchester Spring Gardens 15th October
    SSK67 1st Machin R19, 2nd Machin MA14
    SSK68 1st Machin R19, 2nd Machin MA14
    SSK69 OOU
    SSK70 OOU
    SSK71 1st Winter Grenery R19, 2nd Winter Greenery CL19
    SSK72 1st Machin R20, 2nd Machin MA14

    1. Update on Manchester Spring Gardens last week k69 and k70 were both R19YAL and MA14 Machin

  25. Does anybody know whether any Christmas Post & Go are going in the Post Office Kiosks on 3rd November 2022?

    1. I presume it will be the 3rd November as in the past it has matched the release date of the commemorative issue.
      Guessing a new R22YAL/CL22S printing will be made but undoubtedly there will be offices using older stock.

      A press release from IAR is imminent on details of Remembrance overprint at RN and Postal Museums.
      Winter Greenery will once again appear at Postal Museum on 1st December but as in previous years will again be using older already held stock.

    2. Cambridge City post office received just 4 rolls each of the 1st and 2nd class Winter Greenery/Christmas Post & Go stamps - they were all R21YAL and CL21S. All installed in SSKs 67, 68, 69 and 70 (SSK71 still out of action).


  27. Has anyone located any 22 Greenery as yet, there are none at Worthing, Chichester, Bognor, Brighton, Mount Pleasant, Moorgate or Grimsby

  28. Exeter 26th November
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R20, 2nd Winter Greenery CL19
    SSK70 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK71 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21

  29. Mail Rail A013 27th November
    Mail by Rail MA18
    Machin R20YAL

    Postal Museum A001 27th November
    Poppy MA15
    Union Flag MA19
    Airmail R19YAL
    Machin 1st R20YAL
    Machin 2nd MA15

    1. Mail Rail A013 1st December
      1st Winter Greenery R19YAL

  30. Manchester Spring Gardens 3rd December
    SSK67 1st Machin R20, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Machin MA14
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK70 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK71 1st Machin R19, 2nd Winter Greenery CL19
    SSK72 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21

  31. Paignton 6th December
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R20, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21
    SSK69 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21

  32. Mount Pleasant 7th December
    SSK67 1st Winter Greenery R20, 2nd Winter Greenery CL20
    SSK68 1st Winter Greenery R21, 2nd Winter Greenery CL21

  33. 2 offices today 8th December
    Uxbridge 273020
    k67 Machin R20YAL Greenery CL19S
    k68 OOS
    k69 Machin R20YAL CL18S

    Harrow 281020
    k67 Greenery R21YAL CL21S
    k68 Greenery R21YAL CL21S
    k69 OOS

    1. One further office 14th December
      Slough 062946
      k67 Greenery R21YAL CL20S
      k68 Greenery R20YAL CL21S

    2. Scotland post was from me!

  34. Glasgow West Nile 15th December
    SSK67 Machin R20YAL & CL17S
    SSK68 Machin R19YAL & CL17S
    SSK69 Machin R20YAL & CL17S
    SSK70 Greenery R21YAL , Machin CL17S
    SSK71 Greenery R21YAL CL20S
    SSK72 Greenery R21YAL CL21S

    Glasgow WHS Sauchiehall St 15th December
    SSK67 OOS
    SSK68 Greenery R21YAL CL20S
    SSK69 Greenery R21YAL CL20S

    Glasgow Charing Cross 15th December
    SSK67 Greenery R21YAL CL21S

    Edinburgh Waverley Mall 16th December
    SSK67 Greenery R21YAL CL20S
    SSK68 Greenery R21YAL , Machin CL19S
    SSK69 Machin R20YAL & CL17S

    Edinburgh Frederick St 16th December
    SSK67 OOS
    SSK68 OOS

    1. Thanks for Scotland report Trevor.
      Good to hear Edinburgh Waverley k69 back working after many months OOS.
      Whilst in Glasgow you obviously did not visit Penny Black 721 - 723 Great Western Road or has the single SSK been withdrawn.
      Frederick is under consultation for relocation early next year.
      Also out for consultation for relocation is Wandsworth 023001 also due early next year.

    2. Was on foot having come in by train so catching the clockwork orange to check Great Western Road would have been a step too far for SWMBO

      Frederick is always a busy office and somewhat cramped so they could do with new premises. Might be the death of the machines though as there never seem to be enough staff whenever I've managed to get there. Next visit planned for March so will hopefully try the new location if its up and running. Different FAD do you think?

  35. Trevor thanks for the explanation of Great Western Road must admit I am not up on the geographical layout of Glasgow.

    An advance notification of Postal Museum changes coming up, the 1st January is the last day of the Sorting Britain exhibition hence the overprint will be removed from the Machin and Union Flag stamps at the end of the day also the Greenery will come out of both kiosks.
    Then from the 4th January (closed Monday and Tuesday) the 1st class Greenery in Mail Rail Rail will be replaced again with 1st Machin whilst in postal museum will again be replaced by London Underground and 2nd Machin whilst with the removal of the Sorting Britain overprint two previous unseen date varieties will be first available R20YAL Machin and MA19 Flag without additional overprint.

    Just as an aside Ian will you be starting a new 2023 thread.
    Seasons greetings to all.

  36. Yes, new post now set up for 2023.


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