Friday 14 October 2022

Printing Dates on Datamatrix stamps - check your swap returns!

I am grateful to the Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC) members for reporting new printings of some of the Machin definitives, something which we had not been told about by the Philatelic Service in Tallents House.

Collectors will recall that we registered dealers have, in the past, received periodic but irregularly timed lists of available printings on counter sheets stamps.  This enabled us, in many cases, to find new year-codes on security stamps before they were found in post offices.  [In other cases they were found in post offices and never appeared on the lists we received, however!]

This service - which after all enabled them to sell more stamps to people who wanted to buy date blocks - dropped off significantly. After six such lists in 2020, there were only two in 2021, and so far only two in 2022 - one to provide details of the barcoded Machins, and the second to provide details of the barcoded Country definitive stamps.

This is the list of dates from those lists with additional dates in red from the MBPC website.

 1p - 10/01/22
 2p - 10/01/22  04/04/22 (TM email 2/1/23)
 5p - 10/01/22   04/04/22 [machinmaniac comment]
10p - 11/01/22   05/04/22
20p - 11/01/22   05/04/22
50p - 12/01/22   06/04/22 [machinmaniac comment]
£1.00 - 12/01/22  06/04/22 [JF]
£1.85 - 05/01/22
£2.00 - 12/01/22
£2.55 - 05/01/22
£3.00 - 14/01/22
£3.25 - 06/01/22
£4.20 - 06/01/22
£5.00 - 14/01/22

2nd - 01/12/21    11/04/22 [JF & BM]
1st  - 01/12/21     08/04/22 [machinmaniac comment, image below from JF]
2nd L - 06/12/21   12/04/22
1st  L - 06/12/21   12/04/22

Scotland - 26/04/22
Wales  - 27/04/22
N Ireland - 28/04/22
England - 25/04/22

Now these new dates have not been provided by the Tallents House Philatelic Team.  But that does not mean that they are not there somewhere.

Specifically they could be with the Swap-Out team, who must be getting through huge stocks, given the delays that are occurring in responding to forms being sent in.  (It is likely, given the 2nd class stamp which they said at the outset that they would use by default that very large quantities of these were printed, but I would expect that a reprint for this could easily be needed.

So could I ask that everybody checks their swap-out receipts against these dates and lets me know of any new ones received.  And then take good care of anything new as I am likely to be able to provide those to collectors who want them.

Thank you!

Images of new dates




  1. It's been a while since I last received any swap stamps however, just checked them all and perhaps unsurprisingly, they are all the earlier dates (the dates in black text above).

    Having said that, I did, about a month ago, purchase sheets of the 1p through to £1 stamps from Royal Mail and they are all dated January too. So any reprints must just be coming through in the last couple of weeks.

  2. I just got a load of normal 2nd class sheets dated 11/04/22


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