Sunday 19 February 2017

Post and Go News from Royal Mail

Press Release
Royal Mail is pleased to announce that Mail by Rail (1st Class only) stamps will be available at STEAM GWR Swindon from 20 February until 15 March.

Machine A005, currently situated at The Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth, will be moving following a re-organisation at NMRN. The last day of sales at RMM will be 24 February.

A005 will be relocated to the East Anglian Railway Museum, Colchester from 20 March. The location ID will be EARM and it will vend Locomotive and Union Flag stamp designs.

Operational machine M011 is now live at MOD Filton Abbey Wood in Bristol. The MOD Open Day will be on 27 February §.

Operational machine M005, currently located at Croydon Enquiry Office, will be relocated in the next month. Details of the new site to follow.

§ Note this is not an open Open Day; I understand it is for visitors from other parts of MOD visiting Defence Equipment and Support I believe an additional inscription will be added to the stamps for a period from 27 February.  More details when we have them.


  1. The P&G saga goes on. What about the Severn Valley, West Somerset, North Yorkshire Moors, Keighley & Worth Valley Railways or the National Railway Museum to name but a few. All with a vastly greater annual footfall I would guess. After all if its all about sales.........

    Incidentally, what happened to the RAF Museum machines or have the experiences of their Naval counterparts put them off?

    1. I would have thought the National Rail Museum with its large visitor numbers would have been an obvious choice.Perhaps a machine as far north as York is alien to Royal Mail!

    2. The NRM shop is operated by SCMG Enterprises Ltd and apparently the T&Cs for the installation of a kiosk does not fit their business criteria.

  2. Before I make a special trip can anyone confirm if the machine at Swindon actually has the Mail Rail stamps available? I have gone before in the past and the advertised ones were not installed!

    1. I've been sent a picture, not had a chance to put the picture up yet.


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