Friday 10 February 2017

Delivery delays on £5 Accession stamp

We would like to apologise to customers who have ordered the new £5 definitive stamp.

Our initial supplies were lower than for a normal new stamp - such as are issued when the rates change in spring - as we expected these to be available from many more post offices than turned out to be the case.  Consequently we have seen unexpected demand, especially for blocks.

Our suppliers have also seen greater demand and have not filled this week's order, although we fully expect to have more supplies next week.  So we will not be taking a lettuce leaf out of the supermarkets' books, and there is no restriction on orders - just a delay.

UPDATE 10 Feb: Good news, more stock received including whole sheets and cylinder blocks.  Bad news, every single lower right corner stamp was damaged by bad handling.  Will supply cylinder blocks and sheets as soon as possible.

All comments about non-availability on original thread, please - see above.

1 comment:

  1. My Local Post Office and the Crown Post Office in Paignton,did not get supplies of this Stamp.How are we to collect or send a Stamp for First Day of Issue Postmark, if they are not supplied from Post Office supply department.