Monday 13 February 2017

2017 Tariff Change may see some reductions - and increases!

It seems that the annual postal tariff change this year may see some reductions in airmail rates,
if the latest whispers are true.   I'm told that the new rate stamps will be issued on Tuesday 21 March 2017.

My correspondent, who has these new stamps on standing order from Tallents House, told me what the cost would be.  Allowing for the handling charge, the total cost - including the country definitives if that rate changes - is less than £14 for the set.

Back in 2015 the cost of the new worldwide airmail stamps (the postcard and basic rate stamp did not change from £1) totalled £14.  So, especially if the current £1.05 increases, some of the new rates would result in stamps of lower values than at present. 

Now it may be that my correspondent is mistaken - but whatever happens, we can expect some new Machin definitives in March.  Basic 1st and 2nd class rates will almost certainly rise, and as this will probably be on March 27th, it will make sense to buy any 1st class David Bowie stamps (issued on 14 March) before the rate goes up.

And don't forget Post and Go prices will also change, so if there is anything in the machines - Mail by Rail is issued this week - catch them before the increase as well.

An update to this has been posted on 24 February.    Further comments there please.


  1. Just for info, Royal Mail have once again messed up my direct debit, so I have paid in advance for the March issues, David Bowie & the definitive rate changes. the total I paid was £34.78 with the Music Giants issue @ £15.09 inc handling charge, this means the definitive issue will total as far as i can make out £19.69.

  2. An update on my previous comment just had it clarified from TH, there will be a Country Issue in March along with the definitive changes, so the total will be £19.69 .

    1. Thanks Peter: it seems my correspondent was wrong, or misunderstood something.

      No information from Royal Mail at Stampex yesterday, as expected. Most stamp images we saw had the values blanked out and any that didn't were showing current rates, so still awaiting finalisation of the image. Watch this space.

  3. I will Ian and if in the meantime I get my 1st leaflet from RM that may show the new stamps I will post a pic on here if that is permissable?

  4. Thanks; send me the pic, Peter as you can't post it directly.

  5. Will do if I get mine before you do thnx.

  6. BBC News are reporting a 1p rise in basic 1st class/basic 2nd class/large 2nd class and a 2p rise in large 1st class but not mentioning the higher rates.