Friday 10 February 2017

Don't follow Royal Mail's advice on this Valentine's slogan!

After marking Saint Dwynwen’s day last month, Royal Mail celebrates St Valentine's Day on 14 February, but without actually mentioning the saint.

Of course, it's all designed to get you to post a card, but as my correspondent points out, we can't help thinking that you will be unlucky in love if you follow Royal Mail's exhortation to 

Send a card to someone special on February 14th 2017

A couple of days earlier might be a good idea, or Monday 13th at the latest!

UPDATE 14/15 February
I can now show the similar slogan produced from the other machines (North West Midlands, 10.02.17), 

and the Larger version from Edinburgh 10.2.17; not that on this version a sans-serif font is used whereas on the Swindon example above, it was seriffed.  (Thanks JE)

and the replacement slogan used on 13 February (Peterborough) for delivery on the day itself, with the slogan surrounded by hearts.  And the IMP version from Lancashire and South Lakes MC (Preston) with the slogan in 3 lines [JE]

Happy Valentine's


So late it nearly qualifies for an April listing, this Southampton MC use of the Valentines slogan on 30 March 2017 was sent to us by Robert - thanks!

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  1. Advance notice of a new machine cancel


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