Sunday 1 March 2015

Slogan Postmark: Great Festival of Creativity Shanghai

A lot of people don't take any notice of the postmark on their letters, and those that do are mainly collectors.   So I wonder who will NOT scratch their heads and wonder about this one!

Fortunately Google is our friend, even if Royal Mail can't bring themselves to make any pre-use announcements.

From the UK government website:

The GREAT Festival of Creativity event will support British businesses looking to secure opportunities and growth in China. More than 500 world leading British companies will use the festival to reach the Chinese and global business audiences to show how British creativity can help their businesses innovate and grow.

And behind 'GREAT' is the 'Britain is Great' micro-site

This example was used at Peterborough on 27 February; only by observation can we find out when the postmark campaign started and finished. I thought the World Wide Web Inventive Britain slogan was going to be in use on 28th - maybe I am mistaken.

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  1. Ian, as per link from Royal Mail Press release website posted today 2nd March 2015. Makes you wonder if the Peterborough Mail Centre jumped the gun in the slogan's use albeit technically although postmarked on 27th which was Friday being second class delivery probably would not have been made until today, 2 nd March which would fit with the last paragraph of the press release.
    Geoff (GBCC)


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