Tuesday 31 March 2015

Another slogan postmark: Hampton Court is 500

Royal Mail are using another unannounced slogan postmark at mail centres around the country, this one marking the 500th anniversary of Hampton Court royal palace. (See the HCP500 website.)

Thanks to Trevor from this example from North West Midlands MC, I think dated 30.3.15

Update 1 April
.... from Royal Mail press release dated 30th March:

• Royal Mail is celebrating the 500th anniversary of Hampton Court Palace with a special postmark

• The postmark will printed on millions on items of mail delivered nationwide for six days from Monday 30 March

• The postmark includes an image of the palace alongside ‘500th anniversary Hampton Court Palace’

2015 marks 500 years since Cardinal Wolsey – Henry VIII’s trusted adviser - commissioned builders to lay the foundations of Hampton Court Palace. The palace will celebrate this historic occasion over the Easter weekend with a spectacular anniversary party.
Adrian sends a better example from Chester; perhaps somebody has one in the other format?

UPDATE 2.4.15
I've been told that the Hampton Court slogan is only being used at IMP* Mail Centres, and is being interrupted on 1 April only by the 'Comedy Greats Stamps' slogan. Here's an even clearer example from Preston:

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