Thursday 19 March 2015

2015 Machin Definitive Stamp reprints now available.

We can now show the 5 new stamps which were originally reported here.

The 1p, printed 21/01/15 - for sale in our webshop here.

The £1, printed 13/01/15 - in our webshop here.

The 2nd class counter sheet - 26/02/2015

1st class Signed For - 25/02/15

1st class Large Signed For - 24/02/15

New Tariff stamps.

These are expected in stock very soon.  If you would like date blocks of the above (we mainly have one of each) please let me know as soon as possible.  Otherwise if you wish to order the new values in addition to those shown here to be sent in one batch, please wait until the new values are added.  We have sufficient stock of the single stamps.

Known printing dates are:  
Updated 23.3.15 (thanks Brian)

£1.33         26/01/15 and 27/01/15
£1.52         15/01/15, 23/01/15 and 26/01/15
£2.25         14/01/05 and 15/01/15
£2.45         16/01/15
£3.15         19/01/15
£3.30         19/01/15 and 20/01/15

Any more dates found?

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  1. I can add the following to the list of dates on the new issues for the 24th March 2015. They are 27/01/15 for the £1.33 and the 23/01/15 for the £1.52.


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