Wednesday 11 March 2015

Post and Go, Museums, Exhibitions and availability

A round-up of news from various sources including regular contributors and the Royal Mail Philatelic Bureau.  Thanks to all who have sent information or links.

Another Museum from the Navy Group.

Royal Mail have announced that a new Post and Go machine will go live at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in Somerset 'later this month', ie March 2015.  The inscription will be 'The FAAM'.  This is expected to be machine A004, retired from mobile/exhibition use.  According to the IAR website, collectors and dealers visiting the (Salisbury) stamp fair at Andover on 14/15 March should not expect to find the machine running at Yeovilton that weekend.

More information and pictures in due course.  We will not be stocking these.

30th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Taipei 24-28 April

According to the Philatelic Bulletin a Post and Go machine will be at Taipei but will not be dispensing stamps. It will be part of the International Security Printers stand, and will dispense non-postal commemorative labels.

These will not be available from Royal Mail Tallents House.  We look forward to showing examples if any of our contributors are going to Taipei.  (See note at end.)

70th Anniversary of VE Day

Machines A002 and A005, located at Portsmouth's National Museum of the Royal Navy and Southsea's Royal Marines Museum respectively will carry the additional inscription 'VE Day 70' from 8 May to 29 May 2015.

Given the installation of A004 at Yeovilton in March it would be surprising if the Fleet Air Arm Museum did not also mark this anniversary.

We will not be stocking these.

International Stamp Exhibition Essen 7 - 9 May

Royal Mail will be attending the Essen show for the first time on 7-9 May 2015. Union Flag and Machin designs will be available on machine A006 with a ‘Messe Essen 7-9 May 2015’ overprint.

Guernsey Post will also attend with machine GG01, vending the Guernsey Flag and Union Flag designs.

Unlike the shows at Melbourne and Philakorea no GB versions will be made available from Tallents House.  We will not be stocking these, but we have a contact who will take orders for Taipei and EssenPlease ask if you are interested.


  1. I hope that the new static site at the Fleet Air Arm museum in Yeovilton will not be going live before the 30th March otherwise there will be stamps with the current rates and then from the 30th March the new rates will be available.

  2. I wouldn't hold your breath!

  3. A contact at IAR suggested that it would not be March.

    The decision of Royal Mail not to stock the overseas items seems designed to discourage collecting of overprints

    john embrey

  4. I wonder if Royal Mail consider it likely that collectors and dealers are able to attend a European venue to get the “exhibitions souvenirs”, whereas Australia & Korea are not so accessible. On the other hand it may be that we have seen the last of the “Back Office machines”, which are an addition rather than an alternative, which collectors feel bound to purchase for completeness (The IAR website is showing advance orders from A003 & A006 for Perth and not from the Back Office Machines as last year). Then again maybe sales of the GB versions of the PhilaKorea offerings have failed to meet sales expectations so are no longer deemed financially beneficial to Royal Mail.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Earlier I wrote,
      > I don't believe the supplies from B001 & B002 for Perth last year were sanctioned by Royal Mail as such. They were only ever available from the organisers rather than from Royal Mail. <
      That was wrong, and wasn't reflected in last year's blog post. But pre-orders still have to be collected at Perth, so unless you want all machines and want enough of them, it isn't worth while as you will be at Perth and can buy from the public machines. I don't see the point of Royal Mail making them available, but only for personal collection.

  5. Ian

    I got B1 and B2 from my pre-order through Royal Mail and A3 and A4 from the m/cs on the day

    John Embrey

    1. And they are available again this year - which I only found after following up John's remark about last year, arrangements for which I had forgotten as I did not order any. Thanks John - Perth post updated, AGAIN!

  6. Hi Ian. Any idea when the Fleet Air Arm Museum Post & Go will be available?


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